Bryant Park Bliss

I visited the lovely Bryant park twice during my last week,

one time was a brief stop for lunch,

And then on Friday, my last full day, I again returned for lunch and also, especially for the piano in the park!

Some of the best pianists from all over New York come to Bryant Park to play on the custom made green Piano for the series. On the day i dropped by, Yuka Aikawa, the Japanese pianist and composer was calmly playing some easy-going classics

that fitted the elegant yet chilled out scene of Park Lunchgoers absolutely perfectly.

after wandering through the city, I headed home to finalize packing my things – no easy task though after the many months of living out of suitcases i have become quite accustomed to it.

As i’d gone a little wild with buying clothes and books as New York was my final destination, I had to package up a big box to send home things that wouldn’t fit in luggage! I had to do 2 trips carrying all these things to the nearest post office and despite (or perhaps because of) my collapsing into the office looking quite forlorn, the gentlemen was extremely helpful and it was all organized in no time at all.

That night, my hosts kindly took me out to a special dinner at a nearby pizza place – Lucali’s – AMAZING food

Delicious Lucali's Pizza

and then to top it all off, had a refreshing beverage at the wonderfully retro Brooklyn Pharmacy and Soda Fountain

The Brooklyn Pharmacy and Soda Fountain

A wonderful last evening.

I also can’t help but mention the very important and somewhat mindblowing milestone that this blog has just recently surpassed

10 000 views! People have clicked on pages of my site

Thankyou so much to all who have followed my journey, if it wasn’t for you, this blog probably would have discontinued LONG ago! Whilst the adventure is quickly drawing to a close, there are still a couple of posts left so stay tuned for the amazing last day of my trip and also, the incredible process of being welcomed home. Enjoy !



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3 responses to “Bryant Park Bliss

  1. margaretbiggs

    Still going & more to come. I don’t want it to end,but I’d rather have you home.Love always margoo xx

  2. sally

    That park will certainly be high on my list when I get to NY. Your narrative describes its cruisy vibe beautifully. LM

  3. Izumi Fujimura

    Congraturation 10000clicks!
    And thank you for your wonderful New York reports!!
    Those made me remind my wonderful memories in New York about 25 years ago.
    I visited your blog almost everyday,and really enjoyed your beautiful photoes.

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