Washington D.C– Part 4: The value of Home

After exhausting myself seeing the sights it was always wonderful to return to the quite suburban area of my hosts. I relished in the family nuances and rituals

like playing fetch with their beautiful black labradors Yogi and Sammy. A seemingly simple, ordinary thing that absolutely thrilled me and greatly enriched my time there

Another thrilling experience was the torrential downpour! I was grateful to be home at the time as it was ferocious, flooding subways, blowing down trees and rendering whole neighborhoods powerless!

After arriving Tuesday night and spending Wednesday and Thursday soaking up as much as possible, i was scheduled to fly up to Boston on Friday morning on a flight departing at 10:30am. I’d said goodbye and expressed my gratitude before we left and arrived at the airport with PLENTY of time to spare. I checked in, wound through security etc etc, found my gate and waited patiently until the proposed boarding time of 10:20. At about 10, i noticed the gate next to me had a plane that was also Boston bound, but was meant to have left at 6am…. Hmmm… 10:20 rolled around and on the dot they announced that our flight had been delayed and that passengers without checked in bags could go to the flight that was meant to leave at 6 so a mass of people promptly rushed to the other counter. I waited, the announcement was made that our plane was being repaired for a ‘mechanical error‘ and an update would be made in 20 minutes. More waiting. Meanwhile – people were STILL waiting to be checked into the other flight that was meant to leave 5 hours earlier. An announcement was made – that another annoucement would be made in 20 minutes as they still hadnt heard anything new. At this stage i lined up to see if i could change my flight as i had people meeting me in Boston and had planed an elaborate afternoon – the highlight of which was touring the harvard University campus. Whilst in the line they suddenly announced – everythings fine …. please line up to make sure your still checked into this flight after all the changes that have been made (the other people had JUST boarded the other flight at this stage). 5 minutes later as i was next in que. The flight has been cancelled. WHAT? This areoplane will NOT be operating or flying anywhere today as it needs to undergo mechanical maintenance please line up so we can ‘review’ your itinerary …..

So when it came my turn to have my itinerary ‘reviewed’ the flights were all fully booked until late that night or early the next morning. Arriving really late wasn’t an option for me and the earliest i could then arrive in Boston would have been midday Saturday. As i was scheduled to leave Boston midday Sunday it really wouldn’t have been enough time to i unfortunately had to make the decision to cancel my flight and trip to Boston. 😦 I wished the flight personel good luck as they were having an incredibly shitty day and made my way to pick up my luggage. On the way i decided to first stop at the nicest looking restaurant and treat myself to some delicious food, figuring that if Jet Blue made me waste my morning, i could let them wait a bit while i enjoyed lunch before collecting my luggage. It turns out to have been a great idea as when i arrived at the luggage carousels – none of the bags ( i wasn’t the only one to cancel) had come through! infact – one couples had been confirmed ‘lost’ – their bags had somehow gone to Boston and they hadn’t! Amazing. Luckily, my luggage turned up 45 minutes later… I don’t think it reallllllllllllly needs to be said but just to re-iterate a point thats been proved time and time again throughout this trip A.I.R.P.O.R.T.S HATE M.E!!!

Thank goodness my hosts were kind and understanding and let me stay another night unexpectedly! So, having arrived at the airport at about 8:30am, i left at 2:30pm in a cab bound for exactly where i had come from! But i received a lovely welcome back 🙂

We went out for a great dinner with friends of theirs that night and then the following morning, i once again visited union station and left on a NY train.


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