Celebrating Brooklyn! – A Field of Dreams

Saturday morning (the 24th of July) we set off bright and early to get to Brooklyn’s Prospect Park before it started getting too hot (which didn’t take long!). This is an unmissable event my hosts partake in every week in rain, shine, even snow! As it is the absolute highlight of Alfred’s week.

Alfred (or Alifie, or Mister or a broad range of other names depending on the name callers mood), being their charming black schnauzer

There were plenty of other dogs in the park and as it was already humid and sticky by about 8, they were having a marvelous time in a sectioned part of the big pond.

And there were no excuses not to participate as this water-safety conscious bulldog i his lifejacket proved!

We crossed a tented settlement of Rastafarians… as you do…

then headed back

to the entrance

and picked up lots of goodies from the farmers market!

Later that day i ventured back to Prospect park and on my way, stopped into a corner store which had this Iguana! A ladies treasured pet, his name was “Smooch” and she kissy-cooed him like a puppy as his claws struck out at the pieces of fruit surrounding him….. how bizarre! Eventually i pried myself away from this suburban curiosity

and met a friend at the park to “Celebrate Brooklyn!“. This on-going event once again transformed The Bandshell at Prospect Park into a hot venue for an all day festival, both literally and figuratively. Presented by Grammy-winning producer Andres Levin and The Bruce High Quality Foundation, the event was

Field of Dreams (Un Mundo Nuevo)“.

You build it. You come. was the wonderful premise behind the “Field of Dreams” a Do-It-Yourself (DIY) world’s fair of music and art. An all day event fit for all the senses.

The vast field at the back of The Bandshell was filled with the usual picnic crowd

but also with various artistic installations and performances. At one end of the field you had a man painted in silver, striking poses

near an arts-and-crafts area filled with paper mache animals and a sign asking, “Can we become My Little Ponies?”

2 girls performing a very abstract, contemporary dance

a bemused audience amidst other creations.

Towards the other end there was a tent labeled “Satan’s Psychic” in which the blindfolded participant would try to hit various hanging objects as if they were piñatas while a fez-wearing “psychic” interpreted your performance

Further down, there was a space to make artistic renderings of your dreams

and an intro to art class being held inside a tent that was being painted by festival goers.

And still, there were more fantastic displays of art:

even an inflatable living room had been set up.

Is that a man dressed as a wolf in underwear? Why yes, i believe it is!

And he brought plenty of friends with him!

The most engaging/can’t-pull-yourself-away-because-it’s-so-incredibly-strange” thing we came across were these performers

When they got on the carpet, they basically began behaving and sounding like the animals they were dressed as – sniffing bottoms, clawing, meowing, barking – you name it, they pretty much did it!

There seemed to be something for everyone, young and old, whether they were picking up a free ice cream cone, enjoying the installations or checking out the music on stage

When they began to overheat in the sun, they were able to go stand underneath a large water mister and thankfully clouds blew in later in the afternoon.

The performers played short sets and a fantastic drumming corps, Natural Expression, filled the interludes with wonderful, playful songs that got the crowd up on their feet.

there really was something for everyone to enjoy – so long as you has an open mind and a curious soul. Attendees, ranging from young children and their parents to twenty-somethings to senior citizens, were free to come and go throughout the day, taking in the sights at their leisure. “Field of Dreams”, served as an artistic oasis on a hot summer day and truly seemed like an appropriate, and fun, way to “Celebrate Brooklyn”



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2 responses to “Celebrating Brooklyn! – A Field of Dreams

  1. sally

    You certainly haven”t failed to find the most refined to the most bizzare that NY has to offer!! LM

    PS Loved the bull dog with the life jacket – Did they think it would sink??

  2. Gherardo

    Haha, oh dear…
    I look like such a nob in the picture of the mountain…
    Hope the end of your travels are going well =)

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