Sunday, happy Sunday

Sunday morning we set off early

To go to a near by grocery store with a difference! Called Fairways. While the funky warehouse building harkens back to the mid-1800’s, everything about Fairway features the best of the 21st century! It combines fresh local produce and hard to find products from all over the world, amassing them in an easy to navigate store with a friendly, laid back vibe.

But in my opinion, far better than the produce – is the views! Sitting outside on the tables, our groceries waiting in an “improvised trolley parking lot” inside, i sat eating my first ever bagel, looking towards the waterfront

and Lady Liberty! Not bad for a morning visit to the supermarket!

Seeking even fresher produce, we then went to the local farmers market. It was quite small as there couldn’t have been more than 10 stalls, but what it lacked in size – it greatly overcompensated in quality!

Aswell as being homegrown, many stalls were also organic

and this one had a spectacular array of colourful capsicums and crazy tomatoes !

We headed home, unpacked, hung out and then walked to see a truly unique phenomenon – Brooklyn’s Bastille Day celebrations!

Bastille Day, the celebration of French independence, came to Smith Street on Sunday when a section of this main road was blocked off and filled with sand for what has become America’s largest pétanque (a version of boules) tournament! From the funny hats, to the little glasses of Lillet and general vibe, it was a wonderful thing to be part of.

there were all kinds of French refreshments up and down the street to help everyone brave the heat and loosen their pétanque throwing styles

We went for the beginning as later on, the crowds amass which can be quite unpleasant with the heat. But all throughout the day, local French, Brooklyners, and people from all over, partied like it was 1789!

Later that evening, friends came over and we used our fresh, fresh, FRESH produce for the farmers market to make one of the yummiest salads i’ve ever eaten. It wasn’t complicated but the full flavored goodness of the capsicums, tomatoes, basil, red onion and other finely chopped delights made for a very satisfying meal, accompanied by some thinly sliced steak. Yummo!


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One response to “Sunday, happy Sunday

  1. sally

    There must always be something on in NY, or you have been very lucky. Would have enjoyed the fresh produce shopping. LM

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