Soccer, Scenery and Santa Barbara

I arrived in Ventura after a nice coastal train ride in the mid afternoon. Officially known as San Buenaventura it was founded back in 1782 when the mission was established. I was met at the train station by a great friend of mine (whom id met during travels to China) . We spent hours chatting and catching up before heading into down-town ventura (it’s not a very big place so only took us a couple of minutes from the other side of town) and made our way to “Tony’s Pizzaria” a tiny shack of a place that produces DELICIOUS and very authentic pizza. We devoured our Cheese and Mushroom pizza when we got home as we curled up on the couch and watched successive episodes of the series “Mad men”

12 hrs later after a GREAT sleep, we had a delicious brunch at Ventura’s Cafe Nouveau. Staff cruise around in tie dyes uniforms, complementing the food with very friendly service

we headed to her friends place to share in the Soccer World Cup euphoria and watch the world cup final between Netherlands and Spain. Whilst i’m a born and bred rugby union fan, i’d followed a few of the world cup games and offset the dull periods by uploading some photos for this blog whilst viewing the game. We were an international crowd with representatives from America, Peru, Venezuela and me – the Aussie. I’ll admit, the passion of the South Americans proved more entertaining for me than the game itself. We were watching the game on the tv but due to not having cable, the tv was linked to a laptop where they found a spanish website streaming the match. This added another comical dimension as we were watching it at a 10 second delay compared to our neighbors – they would let out roars and screams and we’d have to wait 10 seconds to see what all of the fuss was about. Talk about suspense!

After that we set off for a little road trip up the coast to take in the scenery from the Santa Ynez Mountains that rise dramatically behind the city, with several peaks exceeding 4,000 feet

Standing on a graffitied platform

we took in the view and laughed at the silly graffiti

then continued our bumpy off-road adventure

and saw some very beautiful parts of the landscape

we had a late lunch/early dinner at the “Brew House” which had great food but some questionable drinks like the “Lobotomator Doppelbock” that i steared well clear of.

Then cruised through the trendy streets of Santa Barbara (Stars like Opera have houses in this beachy but still very up-market area). Santa Barbara’s climate is often described as Mediterranean, and the city is sometimes referred to as the “American Riviera.” My friends told me that in later into the summer 80% of those walking it’s pristine pathways are European.

and took a look at the historic Santa Barbara Mission

before taking in the coastline, pier and silhouetted trees against the setting sun

and finally heading home along the highway


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  1. Karishma

    Isa and you had so much fun!! Wish I was there. Have a blast in NYC!

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