Quaint and quirky, Ventura

During my few days in Ventura i reveled in the cruisy vibe of this sleepy yet quirky and increasingly arty surf-town.

With its VW comby vans and perfect little houses with their own individuality and eccentricities it’s a place hard not to love.

Garden beds add further brightness to the colorful house awnings and the clear blue sky (which has FINALLY emerged after a week of gloomy weather)

From time to time they also play host to birds like this little Hummingbird

Then there are the windswept beaches

sleepy hobos

the all American Pier and lifeguard towers

frolicking kids

musicians playing to no-one but themselves

More homeless people – this was a particularly friendly pair

Kitsch shops and one of the happiest men i’ve ever met – the Proprietor of “The Hawaiian Shirt Shoppe” who sits outfront of his shop in the sunlight, greeting all who pass with a hearty “Aloha!

A range of other American staples

And finally, the Californian sunsets…. Ahhhhhh…… One evening we drove up to the top of the main hill that tucks the town against the coastline. Cosy in big sloppy joes (jumpers) we joined couples and friends in watching the sunset

and then headed down to the beach to look back towards the pier and palm lined beaches with the backdrop of the twilight, pink sky

A perfect few days of relaxation before i take on the concrete jungle!



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3 responses to “Quaint and quirky, Ventura

  1. margaretbiggs

    Love Ventura.You would’nt expect to see such a place in US. Your choice of subjects makes it even better. Love Margoo xxxooo

  2. roland

    your photos are still just great

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