Welcome to America! 4th of July celebrations

I had a LONG flight path from India to the US flying from Pune to Mumbai, (had originally had 4 hours to transit but after flight delays and missing shuttles and check in hassels arrived at the gate JUST in time). Flew 3 hrs to Dubai arriving at midnight and with an 8 hour wait ahead of me spent about 3 hours total having successive massages 🙂 Finally boarded the flight and headed to LA! It was a 16 hour flight and the time passed with on and off dozing, movies and some very insightful documentaries by British Historian Simon Schama on US History and it’s relevance today in Obama’s America, to get me in the mindset to comprehend the world’s Superpower (a title many argue is in transition – im still making up my mind). I arrived on the afternoon of the 3rd ( i’m behind as per usual – sorry!) and after driving down to near San Diego where i’m staying with my family friends, i JUST managed to stay awake until after dinner then CRASHED into bed around 9pm and slept until 11am the following morning!

The 4th of July. America’s Independence Day.

What a day to be properly welcomed to America!

I spent the afternoon catching up on emails, relaxing, nursing some jetlag and then helping with some 4th of July traditions. Food! We went back and forth to the neighbors carrying dishes to add to the collective culdesac feast. With staples like corn, BBQ’d burgers, salads, beans, kebabs and more we were all set to commemorate America’s adoption of the Declaration of Independence on July 4, 1776. This was the day America declared independence from the Kingdom of Great Britain and is the countries national holiday. While California didn’t bring out its typical sunny weather,

we tucked into the feast, nice and cosy around the backyard firepit (a standard feature of many backyards here).

Then it was time for the fireworks! Some of us bicycled on decorated bikes whilst others piled into big SUV’s (it’s true, the cars here are HUUGGEE)

up to a hill overlooking Legoland

and lay down, with a background music of “Born in the USA”, ridiculously close to the fireworks and enjoyed the show!

The finale was particularly spectacular and then it was time to return to the culdesac for our own firework show. The following video gives some highlights of both and has a few fun little effects transposed over the footage of the culdesac fireworks

A really fun evening with great company and about American as it gets!!


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  1. margaretbiggs

    dearest Hollie are you pleased you are in the US where they speaka the language? You can relax a bit now.Thankyou for taking us to such wonderful places. Doing the blog must have drained you but I am sure everyone will realise the time you have spent.Take care .We love you. Margoo & Jack xxxxxxx

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