Sunny? Seaside and Seafood Burrito’s in Southern California

No, no sunshine here! But despite the gloomy weather we headed down to the beach at Oceanside

and watched the junior lifeguards (In Australia we call them Nippers) demonstrate some true sportsmanship and dedication for their carnival day.

Then we headed south along the californian coast side passing endless residential sprawl and surfers enjoying the long weekend holiday by making the most of the stormy swell

Until we finally stopped in La Jolla (pronounced la hoiya) to have lunch from Bahia Don Bravo – a little Mexican Restaurant with a huge reputation. Every Mexican food restaurant has a ‘signature’ burrito, at Bahia, you have to order the Lobster burrito, it simply melts in your mouth.

Due to California’s colonial Spanish roots, Mexican territorial history, and its original population consisting of Meso-Americans, Spanish colonizers and Mexican ranchers, Mexican and Spanish-origin cuisine is very influential and popular in California, particularly Southern California.
Commercial, quick “taco shop-style” Mexican fast-food, consisting of offerings such as burritos, refried beans, tortas, tacos, nachos, quesadillas and carne asada fries is widely popular.

We enjoyed our Lobster Burrito’s overlooking a peaceful bay and soaking up the seaside air

then headed up to take in as much of the views as the low hanging clouds permitted from Mount Soledad. Mount Soledad is a prominent landmark in the city of San Diego and the site of the Mount Soledad cross and a Veterans Memorial. It pays tribute to veterans who have served the country to preserve it’s freedom. Six concentric walls have 2,700 black granite plaques engraved with the names and photos of war veterans. Each plaque ‘tells the story’ of a veteran’s military service or that of a group’s military service. The United States spends 4.7% of its GDP on it’s military and in mid 2008 personnel were stationed at more than 820 installations in at least 135 countries.

Currently there are 1,473,900 personal in active service and roughly the same number of reserve personnel. The US Armed Forces is very present in Southern California with many major airforce, navy and army bases all along the coast.

The 360-degree view stretches: South to panoramic views of San Diego, Coronado and beyond to Mexico, North to include University of California at San Diego, and Torrey Pines cliffs and golf course, to East to purple-hued mountains, and West to the Pacific waters at the shores of La Jolla… apparently 🙂 But despite the fog it was still great to get my bearings and see a bit of the city, San Diego, that we’d be exploring the following afternoon.


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