Last week in Pune

We received a very excited welcome home when we returned from our cave adventures in Aurangabad.

And most of the week was spent getting things organized, catching up on this tedious but worthwhile little blog, enjoying Indian home life and just hanging out.

I had another visit to the hospital – opened up my foot to find that pesky thorn! Fun little trip and i was operated on by Dr Barucha – Pune’s best surgeon – definitely not his most difficult operation that day!

I was doused in Bernadine, wrapped up and sent on my merry way

Dr Barucha also gave us a fascinating talk on India’s incredible ecology. He went into further detail about alot of the topics i briefly mentioned in my intro for a post on “India’s Wildlife

He hilighted the sheer beauty and uniqueness of India’s diverse ecosystems whilst also talking of how endangered they are and the likelihood of many species of both flora and fauna becoming extinct in the coming years.

Snow Leopard

The Dog’s also got very into it when a photo of a wolf came up and they were barking at it and jumped up to sniff the bum of the pixelated wolf projected onto the wall – HILARIOUS!

It was a perfect week to finish on and I think that the touristy shirt i bought during my travels says it all…

“Come to India, 1 billion people can’t be wrong!”

Despite the excitement of beginning a new adventure in another land, i was very sad to leave the family with which i had felt so at home. For my amazing adventure throughout India all my thanks must go to them for making it possible and extremely pleasurable. I also must thank them for the amount of knowledge they shared and the openness and honesty with which they answered my endless probing questions about their lives, culture, country, everything! I will miss India but have no doubt that i will be back as soon as i can as it’s a truly addictive place.



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2 responses to “Last week in Pune

  1. bagnidilucca

    As I said, it really is incredible. Despite the confronting nature of many of the things you see in India, it soes make you want to go back.

  2. margaretbiggs

    Hope your foot is healing.What sights & knowledge you have gained these past weeks.I know you will return.Looking forward to seeing the next destination.With much love Margoo xxx

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