A taste of rural life and the monsoon!

In a continuation of my last post about my hosts supplementing all the knowledge with great experiences, the other night we made our way out of town to get a taste of a rural village, from the North? It seems they literally got a small village and moved it to the outskirts of Pune! Keeping the local people they set it up as a Family entertainment destination where locals can enjoy the food and various types of entertainment typically found in the state of Rajasthan.

We entered, were met by a dancing man/horse and then started our exploration with a chai and a good luck dong of the gong!

Id best describe the place it as similar to the little worlds they have at Tokyo Disney but nicer and well… Indian! There were carnival things like shooting balloons, Bow and arrows – MUCH harder than it looks

A palm reader – He said that I will study, then make a well known name for myself in business, that I think too much and need to relax more, I act in the way a son would, im very independent that I will also practice art and that I should wear a big yellow sapphire to protect myself from Saturn, I may have some minor health issues to do with my head and stomach (I already get really bad motion sickness). I then had the opportunity to ask a few questions like

  • What kind of business I will do? – probably real estate,
  • Will I marry? Yes to the man of my choice after i’ve studied and made my name and am between 27-30,
  • Where will I settle? I’ll travel throughout my life and spend a lot of time away from home…
  • who knows how much he gathered from looking at me but all very interesting observations nevertheless!

    We then went over to the Magic Show “Mam, this is NOT black magic mam, it’s white magic, good magic, INDIAN magic Mam! You will like!” and I did, mainly because the man was hilarious –

    every trick was completely with a huge smile and a self satisified
    Yiieahh?!? Which implied – how cool was that, aren’t i great!!!!

    We watched a bit of a puppet show – which was the main way to teach morals and stories to the children of the villages

    And then a lip-biting tight rope walker

    After all of this we sat down for a big Punjabi feast with dishes rapidly served and offered and re-offered to get you to eat as much as possible! Very typically North Indian.. During the dinner there were several power cuts – an even more genuine insight into real rural life! (And city life for that matter, but im so used to the lights occassionaly flickering on and off in the house that i barely notice it!)

    As the only foreigner the waiters inquired to where I was from and lit up when the response was Australia. They proceeded to eagerly place their turbans on our heads which is a great sign of respect in Indian culture

    Feeling VERY full we made our way for the exit and passed a fire breathing man – a great send off. It was a fun and jovial evening – the kind of place that’s aimed at young families but filled with young hearted adults!

    The following day the rains came again! But this time wasn’t just a light shower, although it seemed that at first

    Just 5 minutes after it started i looked up again and half the lawn was flooded

    Soon the whole lawn was flooded -it was bucketing down!!

    I heard my friend calling so went up stairs and found them rapidly working to stop the top level from similarly flooding! It seemed that one of the drainage pipes for their veranda had been blocked and the water was coming in quickly through a gap beneath the door. The team mobilized and soon the ‘flood’ was mitigated and then pushed out –job well done!


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    1. margaretbiggs

      The palm reading was interesting. I had it done once & mine was also interesting. I have a tape of it somewhere.I’ll dig it out when you come home.Hope the rain has stopped! Love Margoo xxx

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