Rome: A Perfect last day in Italy

Tuesday morning i bid farewell to Siena and all the lovely people i had come to know at “Agriturismo Marciano” and then we boarded a bus bound for Rome!

I knew we were getting close when the traffic had doubled and there was a banged up scooter besides the road!

We made our way from the bus stop with one of the jolliest cabbies i’ve ever met to our accommodation for the night, the lovely “A Casa di Serena” Bed and Breakfast.

After dropping off our things we let our growling stomachs (by now it was 3pm) lead us to a lovely restaurant just outside the walls of the Vatican City. I made a point to order the kinds of food that i’ll be going without in India like salad and raw meats

After lunch we causally strolled past Vatican City in all it’s grandeur and through the throngs of people lined up in the heat to see it. The heat and people were actually very helpful for a bit of acclimatization for what i’ll experience in India!

Walking along, a Cathedral caught our eye

and we ducked inside for a moment of respite from the heat and people – very tranquil

Before heading out again.

We walked alongside the River Tiber

retracing steps taken here over a month ago with my parents

and delighting in the endless sculptural and architectural fascinations that combine to make Rome.

The grand Planes trees that shaded the path had completely taken over in some areas!

We crossed over to the Tiber island for a refreshing gelato (I had Pear and Lemon mmmmmmmmmmmmm)

then made our way past the street vendors

to the mainland when we stumbled across what seemed to be a strange and fascinating site – a grand piano beneath the ruins? We enquired and then bought tickets to the piano concerto that would be playing later that evening!

We continued past the ruins, scattered around or melded into new buildings

And made our way up the steps to Capitoline hill, enjoying the familiar view of Rome’s roofs.

Then the more spectacular view of the ruins of the Roman Forum beneath the afternoon sun.

Despite having seen them before my breath was again taken away. We spent a long time there, just letting our eyes wander whilst recalling the tales of the Roman Empire and the many people who once thrived here.

We made our way down from Capitoline hill

and started to wind through the narrow cobbled streets, popping out in tiny Piazza’s with incredible momuments

before we stumbled upon a really cosy and fun art deco mish mash of a bar. Slumping into the velvet seats and raising our Prosecco filled glasses in a toast to Italy and all the wonderful things we have done whilst here.

After a bit of confusion we slowly round our way through the picturesque streets

and found we our concert was being held – how cool is the scultpure of a carriage casually placed atop an ancient column!

Sitting amidst the ruins of the ancient Teatro Marcello and the quirky Casino Civetta in Rome’s Nomentana district, we enjoyed 2 hours of classical piano as part of the Concerti del Tempietto which is running throughout the Summer

Feeling very relaxed (and still pinching myself that i was able to enjoy such a wonderful thing on my last evening in Italy!) we again delved into the cobbled lanes and SOMEHOW found my favorite restaurant from our previous visit “Sapore di Mare“. We had a seafood FEAST and one of the waiters even recognized me, treating us to sweets and congac on the house 🙂 Because we had arrived after the concert at about 10:30pm, we didn’t make our way home (this time via taxi) until about 2am!

The perfect way to spend ones last evening in Itay!



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2 responses to “Rome: A Perfect last day in Italy

  1. sally

    What a huge amount you packed in your last day. I so loved retracing the walks we did while in Rome. However you missed one spot I would have gone – The Trevi Fountain.! LM

  2. margaretbiggs

    What a lovely last day .The photo in the Piazza Margara with the window & pretty coloured wall & the bike looks just like an Everingham painting.Lots of hugs, Margoo xxx

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