Siena: Views & Verbs

On Saturday we crept past the sleeping kittens

and headed into town

to make the most of our Museum pass we bought the day before . We went into the Museo dell’Opera del Duomo and walked in luxurious rooms

and admired the original treasures of the church, mostly dating from Sacred works from 1300 to 1500. Australia wasn’t settled until 1788!

There were countless beautiful things but the highlight was definitely climbing up the unfinished wall that was originally planed to be the façade of the church.

There were incredible panoramic views and we were up there for quite some time, savoring the scenery

We then headed down to the Bapistry – allured to it initially by the incredible façade. Unlike Florence or Pisa, Siena did not build a separate baptistry. The baptistry is located underneath the eastern bays of the choir of the Duomo.

We explored the equally stunning inside and admired art works by artists such as Donatello, Giovanni di Turino, Lorenzo Ghiberti, and Goro di Neroccio.

Over lunch i set to work translating my new Pinocchio book with the help of my mini dictionary and verb book.

If you’ve ever learnt German, French, Italian or Spanish you’ll know that verbs are a horrifying nightmare at first – but with the help of a classic storybook and cultural emersion – I’m starting to get the hang of it!

We parted ways as I was a bit museumed out and i sat fot quite some time simply admiring the beauty of the Duomo’s façade whilst listening to a fantastically folksy and unique one man band.

I went for a wander through the back streets and to my delight realized that I recognized most of them!

I happened to look up and saw this hilariously scary kitty cat giving me the ultimate deathstare

Until it was disturbed by something more interesting!

And finally, i wound my way to the campo and had a yummy gelato


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  1. Thanks for the great photos – I love the cat!

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