Recuperation in the Countryside

SO i had a few days out of action- a bad neck ( a sharp turn led to barely being able to move it for several days) and an exhausting case of the flu kept me pretty close to home.

I whiled away the time learning Italian verbs, sleeping, catching up on the blog posts (they don’t write themselves and that 3 part series on the contrada”s took a fair whack of time!) and other bits and pieces like cooking 🙂

I also took some strolls through the countryside

– spotted a beautiful pheasant!

And it so happened that the days i needed to rest, nature did it’s best to make me feel as i wasn’t missing too much as it POURED with rain on and off

until finally on Friday, despite the continuous rain i mustered the energy to head into town to see the duomo – but im afraid that needs a post of it’s own!


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One response to “Recuperation in the Countryside

  1. margaretbiggs

    Dearest Hollie,
    I felt something was wrong when the blogs stopped.You poor girl.Just doing those wonderful blogs must take ages.I hope you are feeling better.You need to be well before India.I send a huge hug& big kisses & a speedy recover.Onwards &! upwards
    Love Margoo xxxooo

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