Rain, rain go away

Friday i decided to have a day to stay at home and sort out my various bits and pieces and lucky i did as it just RAINED!

and rained

Hard and soft but always constant

and fancy that it rained some more!

But then in the late afternoon the sun finally made a triumphant appearance and decided to stick around

and then i got busy in the kitchen!

I made a tasty vegetable dish, with some fun heart-shaped pieces of pasta in the colors of Italy! White, Green and Red

Nicely complemented by some of the Agriturismo’s white wine

Afterwards we went for a nice stroll through the vineyard just as the sun was sitting and snapped some nice little photographs



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2 responses to “Rain, rain go away

  1. sally

    I actually love rainy days. Sometimes its nice to have to stay inside. LM

  2. bagnidilucca

    I was in Italy for more than 3 months this year, and the weather was mixed. It rained for the last 2 weeks before we left on 15th May. It does become a bit tiresome, but isn’t it lovely when the sun comes out? We had some great weather in Helsinki on the way home – now that was unexpected. I took some goregous photos of Helsinki inthe sun.

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