Wonderful Wanderings

Sunday was lovely. I wandered. And wandered and got lost and wandered some more and it was absolutely wonderful!

Through tree lined streets and quiet pathways

Happily people watched, eyes scanning all directions for the millions of billions of ‘kodak moment’s that happen each day but often go unnoticed.

Briefly met up with my friends before parting ways again

Found the once a year craft market of goods that are ALL handmade and show you how they are made with little demonstrations

Watched musicians who seemed to have just met, “jam” beneath a statue and improvise all sorts of incredible harmonies

Went to the Giardino Reale and sat on the grass having a refreshing granita limone with countless others

Watched birds on a wire for far longer than any sane person would have

Stumbled into the wrong part of town where the black market was in full swing with electronics, shoes and little piles of miscellaneous goods strewn across the pavement. I felt VERY uncomfortable, older males – EVERYWHERE and many looking in my direction, surprised as I was that I wound up there, needless to say I was gone as quickly as I had arrived making a “note to self” to avoid that area in the future

On a nicer note, I also made a ‘note to self’ to remember to look up when walking along alleys

Found a nice café/bar called Freevolo in the “funky young” Roman Quarters area and had a DELICIOUS salad. YUM

Wandered around the quiet streets tuned into my own frame of mind but also to my surroundings, noticed all the quirky things I normally miss when making my way from one attraction to the next

Walking past a particularly enticing funky little bar, i decided to go in for an aperitif. Why not! After perusing the extensive and highly creative cocktail menu, i couldn’t decide and just asked the barman to surprise me! And that he did… mmmmmmm. I also enjoyed some delicious (ore or less complimentary) antipasti which are commonplace at almost all Italian bars in what we call “happy hour” and for a few nights has been my dinner

Before continuing to explore

And finally meeting up with my friends for an incredible walk home into the spectacular sunset.



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2 responses to “Wonderful Wanderings

  1. sally

    Looks like your sort of perfect day. You took some beautiful and clever photos. Also I noted the weather has totally warmed up. How lovely. I think we have a wintery wet weekend ahead!


  2. margaretbiggs

    wonderful photos by a wonderful photographer.i have loved torino.love margoo

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