Last day in Torino

Woke early (7am is the equivalent of Australia’s 5am) as there are pretty much NO-PEOPLE so it’s the perfect time for a brisk morning walk

Such is the love for coffee that walking along a street i saw a giant cardboard coffee jug! – perhaps to remind dozy italians to get their morning buzz from the ritualistic, scalding hot espresso’s?

I made my way the piazza of Palazzo Madama

past the university and to the river Po which looked particularly nice in the soft morning light

until coming Park Valentino – bellissima

They have an incredible rose garden that quite frankly puts Brisbane’s roses of New Farm Park to shame

and a lovely japanese-esk area with flowing streams and strategically placed rocks which created the intended “zen” feel of tranquility – especially in the quiet morning

Then walked through the trees and eventually (2 1/2 hours after leaving!) arrived home for a BIG breakfast!

I spent the day more or less sorting out affairs but after lunch went for another exploratory walk through the residential area in which our B&B is situated. Passing incredible statues and equally as whimsical apartment buildings

Like this one with a “lizard” theme – im sure there is a fascinating story behind it but without that knowledge i just enjoyed the quirkiness of the handles and awnings

A bit later we ventured into the Roman quarter in search of an aperitif

And went back to the Freevolo cafe i visited the day before and sat down for a refreshing drink, live music and a stunning scene

OH annnnd a yummy buffet selection of antipasti!

Eventually, when plates and glasses were sufficiently sparse we made our way home

But were sure to stop at the local gelateria! To top off our last night in the wonderful city of Torino we had velvety, creamy, cold and more than satisfying gelati – i had a two flavored cone of caramelized fig and pistachio. Wow. A perfect end to the evening

Grazie Torino



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3 responses to “Last day in Torino

  1. bagnidilucca

    I love Torino too. I have been a few times. They say it is Italy’s most underrated city – or maybe that is Bologna. Tourist rarely go there, and they should. Did you go to Al Bicherin? I look forward to your next post.
    Debra Kolkka

    • I completely agree that it’s Italy’s most underrated city. We tried to go to Al Bicherin but it unfortunately it was closed – Next time!

  2. margaretbiggs

    we have loved torino. dying to see the next margoo & jack xxx

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