The Mole…

The day after the opera had one standout highlight – our visit to “La Mole” (pronounced Mohleh). The Mole Antonelliana is a major landmark of Turin, named for the architect who built it, Alessandro Antonelli. Construction began in 1863 and was completed 26 years later, after the architect’s death. Today it houses the National Museum of Cinema, and it is believed to be the tallest museum in the world.

The Mole appears on the reverse of the two cent Italian euro coins and was the inspiration for the official emblem of the 2006 Winter Olympics, as well as those of the of the 2005 World Bocce Championships and the 2006 World Fencing Championships. On one side of the four-faced dome, the first Fibonacci numbers are written with red neon lights. The idea for the National Cinema Museum was conceived in 1941 when Maria Adriana Prolo planned the creation of a space totally dedicated to the documentation of Torino’s film industry. Over the years, a rich and organized heritage has been created. One which tells the complete story of the “cinematographic spectacle” and which has guaranteed the position of the Museum as one of the most important institutions of its kind in the world.

After lining up for an extensive period around 7:30pm we finally got in and went up the glass lift of Torino’s highest building and stepped out to see the spectacular sunset over the city.

After taking copious numbers of photographs and seeing the best of what the sun had to give us, we descended down back down

and started exploring the museum itself. I was really pleasantly surprised by how engaging and interesting it was. Starting with optical illusions, there is an amazing collection of artifacts and objects that offer a panoramic view of the technical, scientific and artistic paths that led to the birth of cinema and also it’s progression

like the first “moving images”.

There were also shrines of the greatest movies and movie stars and rooms dedicated to famous scenery and movies – westerns, cartoons, musicals, thriller, EVERYTHING

We then relaxed on reclining chairs on watched clips from a range of classics until it was approaching closing time at 11pm and we were ushered out.

Stomachs grumbling we found a delicious and cheap eat just across from the museum of toasted Middle Eastern like wraps with fresh fillings like rocket prosciutto and parmesan – YUM. And then walked further to have a gelato at one of Torino’s best spots “Fuori”.

We were passing by a grand building whose courtyard we had visited earlier when our new friend looked up and recognized some friends on the balcony.
Next thing we knew we were up on the balcony

of this incredible building mingling with others from the book launch which was nearing its end.

Before we knew it, it was about 1am and we were al exhausted so we headed down onto the street to make our way home. Instead of it being a quite and peaceful night

there was practically a riot of beeping horns and joyful screams which could only mean one thing. Soccer. Or as I should say. “Football”


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  1. sally

    I just have to pinch myself and think how lucky I am. I have a daughter on the other side of the world and I can see what she’s seen and done every day that she’s away.

    Many Many thanks

    Love Mum

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