Last night in Sicily

Va bene! Our last night in Sicily was a particularly lovely one, spent with the older couple whose house they rented out to travelers like ourselves, who joined us for a traditional Sicilian Meal. Preceding the feast however, was a ‘delicacy’ of types derived from the bonito that Dad had freshly caught when he and mum went sailing (i didn’t join them for fear of my certain sea-sickness). We would eat the fish fillets later but as their not the type to waste, I walked into the kitchen to find the eggs of the fish in two big “slabs” on the kitchen table. Mmmmm.

The gentleman (let’s call him P) starting coating them in lime, pepper and olive oil and chopped them into pieces with a broad smile covering his face. Oh dear. I was going to have to try it. OH. DEAR. As catcher of the fish, Dad cautiously went first (P’s wife, C, carefully hidden in a far corner of the kitchen occupying herself with the pasta sauce to avoid the tasting!) and after his eyes bulging wide and a shamefully unconvincing MMmmmm Yum… OH DEAR!! It was me next, I poked into the smallest squishy parcel with my fork (after COVERING it in pepper and lime, smiled at P (who, inbetween bursts of laughter at these crazy Australiani, continued to happily eat what he knew we wouldn’t) and took the plunge. And…. Surprisingly not too bad! I could only taste the lime and pepper with a hint of ‘ocean’ but didn’t wish to try my luck with another piece.

After this ‘specialty’ our mouths watered as ‘C’ proudly lay down her pan of spaghetti with a tomato based sauce. We had a great conversation about Australia, Italy, Sicily and shared experiences that continued as the ‘secondi’, BBQ’d fish came out. Fish is extremely expensive in Sicily as fishermen are lucky to get a few fish each day out of the over-fished seas that surround the island. So, when dad caught a decent sized fish whilst sailing, he was instantly a hero and we were reminded of this as the fish was brought out with a silent anticipation worthy of religious procession! It was admittedly delicious, accompanied with local wine and a great way to finish our trip



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3 responses to “Last night in Sicily

  1. sally

    Great last post for Sicily. Loved the build up to the roe tasting. Just a few but very relevant photos worked very well. LM

  2. margaretbiggs

    Jack would have loved the fish roe.He is always looking for it. Awful about the laptop & your bag. Hope all goes smoothly from now on. Much love Margoo & Jack xxxxoooo

  3. zumifuji

    I was surprized at your great growth.
    Your adventures are wonderful.
    You are very lucky because you can have wonderful experiences in the impressionable youth age.
    I really like your photoes.
    You have artistic sense!!!
    Please take care of yourself and continue your great adventure!
    I cheer you from JAPAN! Love, Izumi

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