A mountain retreat

On Saturday night I arrived bagless in Pescara. Bear with me for the quick contextual briefing. Pescara is the capital city of the Province of Pescara, in the Abruzzo region of Italy. Pescara is a coastal city but its climate is influenced by the surrounding mountains (the Maiella and the chain of Gran Sasso). Particularly in summer, but also in winter, the high humidity leads to morning and evening mist or haze.

We are staying outside of Pescara in the commune of Castiglione Casuaria that is located in the natural park known as the “Gran Sasso e Monti della Laga National Park”.

My Italian Tutor is here in the mountains perfecting her chosen craft of printing but as it was Sunday morning, and her artist tutor was busy, we went for a wander through the surrounding area and down into the village. What we estimated as a leisurely 4km stroll turned into a 3 hour and atleast 15km walk! But a lovely one nevertheless and a it great way to get my bearings and enjoy the picturesque setting

We passed through the beautifully well kept cemetery which, unlike many of the cemeteries I’ve visited in Europe and even Buenos Aires, there were photographs of all the deceased which made it more personal and gave it added intimacy

And passed the Abbey of San Clemente a Casauria (founded in 871 ) currently closed for restoration due to damage from the earthquake that infamously and tragically greatly affected the area of L’Aquila last year.

There are also plenty of run down buildings and cottages that have been left to ruin, their states further deteriorated due to the earthquake

But if you look closely enough, amidst the hubble rubble, there are many signs of flourishing life.

The whole village knows as soon as a foreigner arrives and i certainly helped by not blending in!

The explanation for my somewhat comical attire is that for 3 days i was without any of my own clothes due to my bag being lost somewhere between Sicily, Milan and Pescara!

After our walk we had worked up a huge appetite, not arriving home until about 2:30, we cooked up a delicious ravioli combined with pesto, tomatoes, spinach and cheese. MMmmmmm

Then it was back to creativity and work in the studio downstairs!

Whilst she was busy with the artist (ill show you some of her beautiful print soon), i had fun doing a little doodle

and just enjoyed chilling after the past few weeks of seeing and doing so many wonderful but when combined, exhausting, things. By going to the mountains without internet (if i was able to get a bit of connectivity i didn’t have any electronic chargers with me to sustain it so i didn’t bother) or any other technology, or even clothes! It was like karma telling me – Hollie. Stop. Relax.
So i did 🙂


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One response to “A mountain retreat

  1. sally

    I think the outfit looked great, but how did you go walking 15km in gum boots?

    The area you are staying in looks divine and as you say slowing the pace is certainly a good thing.

    Dont detect any Fe in the lunch!

    Keep well LM

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