Castelmola, THAT cafe and Beach bliss

Please note that this post contains some graphic photographs

Wednesday morning we slept in, nursing various levels of hangovers (Dad by far the worst) until we finally roused and drove up to the historic town of Castelmola. It has a population of just over 1000 and covers an area of 16.4 km²

We wandered along and took in the incredible views
until we found a café/restaurant that came highly recommended from our landlady who lives at Castelmola named Bar Turrisi .
We casually entered and were met by a statue of an old Italian lady, holding a big…. black…. penis?

Our eyes widened and jaws dropped as we slowly realized this quaint little café was filled with the most eclectic and extensive collection of Penis’s and other quirky statues and relics.

We couldn’t stifle our giggles as we made our way up to find a nice veranda table and realized that even the seats and table tops artistically celebrated the male appendage and other sexually explicit goings on.

Well! No wonder our Landlady and Pepe (our dear waiter from the previous night) had cheeky smiles when they said we absolutely MUST go see their favourite café in the area. As we perused our Penis shaped menus

we tucked into a nice (and thankfully normal)meal and I had my first Granita. It’s a delicious semi-frozen dessert of sugar, water, and flavorings thats originally from Sicily but is now available all over Italy. We learnt from the waiter that the café was started in 1947 by his grandfather who had a great sense of humour and clearly, a penchant for the penis.

CLICK HERE to visit the bar’s website and read about their story and the reason it has such a strange obsession with the penis.

Afterwards we popped into a little ceramics store

and didn’t emerge for a very long time as we chatted away with the extremely welcoming and friendly storeowners and selected a range of bowls and platters to send home. We made our way up to the old castle (from which the town gets its name) that is now nothing more than some ruins but provides an amazing view down to Taormina and Isola Bella directly below

along the Ionian Coastline

and up into the hostile mountains covered in terrace farms and zig zagging roads

Finally we made our way home, picked up some groceries and relaxed until it was time for dinner and Dad cooked a DELICIOUS meal of pasta accompanied by a nice local wine

Sicily a long history of producing a variety of noted cuisines and wines (influenced by it’s endless list of invaders over the years), to the extent that Sicily is sometimes nicknamed God’s Kitchen because of this (It was also once called “the breadbowl of Rome” as it provided a huge amount of produce to the capital).

The ingredients are typically rich in taste while remaining affordable and for the most part, locally produced. The savory dishes of Sicily are viewed to be healthy, using fresh vegetables and fruits, such as tomatoes, artichokes, olives (including olive oil), citrus, apricots, aubergines, onions, beans, raisins commonly coupled with sea food, freshly caught from the surrounding coastlines.

In the following 2 days we cruised around Taormina, at a particularly bright little café had coffee and granite

Bathed on the beach

Sat in the piazza people watching (for me this is still the best way to get the pulse of a community)

I hiked up a long and butt burning set of stairs

to take in more beautiful views

and loved seeing all of the wildflowers which are at their best right now as the spring slowly warms up into summer

Oh and HOW could i forget It was Thursday that i had had enough of no internet and wanted to let you guys know what i had been up so I bought the internet usb. Due to a long list of “technical difficulties” I wasn’t able to get it working until Friday night. My internet driven elation (sad, i know) soon passed though as swhen we moved to the next town, perched in the mountains of central Italy and devoid of much connection with “wind” the server i am using. But thats an issue of the past – we are spending one night at a coastal town with wonderful connection so i’m catching up on as much as possible before we return to the hills!


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