Sunlit Spiders and Bright Blossoms

Throughout my organizational bits and pieces i’ve been doing a spot of pottering about and yesterday early in the morning after my run and also in the late afternoon i capitalized on the beautiful light that filled the garden.

In the morning i was quite disturbed to discover the extent of our spider population and (from a safe distance) took a bunch of photos to share them with you

This list of common Australian spiders gives you an insight into just how many we have creeping and crawling throughout our island continent

Australia definately has its fair share of some of the world’s most painful and poisonous creatures. We have deadly spiders, and of the top ten most deadliest snakes of the world, Australia has six. Even our humble platypus produces one of the most excruciating venoms known! The following are widely regarded as Australia’s top ten dangerous creatures 1. The Box Jellyfish 2. Irukandji (A Jellyfish) 3. Salt Water Crocodile 4. Blue Ring Octopus 5. Stone Fish 6. Red Back Spider 7. Brown Snake 8. Tiger Snake 9. Great White Shark 10. Funnel Web Spider

But don’t use this as an excuse to get your knickers in a knot and pull the plug on your plans to come down under

Australian Snakes, Sharks, Spiders and other nasties ARE responsible for ten of thousands of nightmares and spine tingles every week.

But thankfully, the number of actual encounters, bites and fatalities is significantly less.

Precautionary measures implemented in the last 70 years mean it’s more likely you’ll be killed by lightening or fatal bee sting than by a croc or shark attack, spider or snake bite..

And our garden spiders are happy to keep to themselves and instead of planning to kill me during the night, they are nice and busy spinning their beautiful webs

and catching much smaller prey like insects

In the afternoon i chose to photograph a much less creepy subject, the afternoon light pouring onto the flowers and house – much nicer


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  1. margaretbiggs

    beautiful photos hollie.o/s viewers will love your aussie views & descriptions.ring me if you have time before you go . love margoo xx

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