Girl vs. World

Ok so recently it really has felt a bit like the worlds forces have combined to conspire against my endeavour to get back overseas and continue my globetrotting adventures. Last week things were really heading in a positive direction -I had been waiting for weeks for my Indian tourist visa

and it finally arrived!!!!!! YAYYY!!!! It was waiting for me when i got back from the farm and that was supposed to be my all clear to head back overseas as i finally had my passport. To my further delight, my camera has also just returned from the manufacturers – as good as new! So all was set to go – i was bound to leave this week. But no, a giant volcano in Iceland called Eyjafjallajokull (try and pronounce it – i dare you) just HAD to errupt and spew tonnes of dangerous ash into the air, cutting of half of the northern hemisphere from flight travel and consequently eliminating my chances of getting overseas any time soon.

I admit this is an extremely ego centric view of the situation and it quickly passed as many people are in much worse circumstances.

Regardless, im still here – not a bad thing, just not what was planned. On the topic of plans, my recent experience is to avoid dependance on them at all costs – this coming from a girl usually obsessed with plans and goals and back up plans and back up back up plans etc etc. So the experience of the past few weeks has certainly taught me to be more flexible with what life throws at me, wether it be British custom officials or volcanic ash some things are simply beyond my control. That acknowledged, in optimal circumstances i will be departing for Europe next week!

In the mean time – i’ve been visiting my old brisbane haunts – galleries,

book shops, cafe’s and other places that provide the perfect atmosphere to ponder.

I have also been staring endlessly and adding ever more pins to my world map that is the focal point of my rooms decorations.

and tinkling away at my guitar and piano

amongst a variety of other projects including some more art, further evolving my plans (flexibly) for my upcoming travels, catching up with friends and keeping this blog as up to date and enticing as possible.

I have also been getting back into more intellectually stimulating pursuits to avoid becoming brain dead during this period in which im simply – a lady of leisure.

I get quite twitchy and annoying to be around when i havn’t been doing anything productive so i’ve been diving back into my books (my which i mean my kindle which i love as it can contain up to 1500 books! and download new ones from wherever you are in under 60 seconds! AND is perfect as i normally have a few books that im reading at the same time and with the touch of a button i can flick in-between them). Books im currently reading include – The Girl with the Dragon Tatoo, Heroes, War and Peace, The Big Short and the Prince. Plenty to keep the brain ticking.

I’ve also been able to take stock of the current would situation with help from Times and the Economist and am pleased to report that i’m still feeling positive about where the world is heading. I must note that despite Australia’s sound economic position and positive future outlook (in terms of our upcoming mining boom) – the australian media is quite depressing so i’ve steered clear of that where possible.

SO yes, thats where im currently at, keeping myself nice and busy and very relaxed in terms of future plans – i do hope i leave next week as planned but if not, then im sure i can find plenty more things to do.

Much love, HG


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  1. Hollie!

    Remember “our” book, the alchemist? There’ll be moments when the world will conspire in order to make you give up. Only the strongest will achieve their goals, and you will. I know it! So don’t worry about the volcanoe’s unpronaunceable name, nor about the ash, im sure in one week you’ll be around here again!


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