Australian Outback – Our last, tranquil day

Mum woke early to take the following beautiful photos whilst i slept soundly

And by the time the sun was fully shining, Archie was already back in our good graces

There was a trip down to the billabong – my favorite swimming hole on the property

And later i went for a walk by myself (with mums camera as mines currently getting repaired for the damage that overuse can cause – my delete and scroll buttons have stopped working!)

I made my way down to one of the rivers

and dipped my toes in the fresh and crystal clear water

before strolling further along the river in a happy little daze

It was an incredibly beautiful and tranquil scene but what is most amazing is how common it is in this part of Australia

Realising i’d lost track of the time i ran back through the home paddocks to meet everyone

and took a few final photos

Until we had to say goodbye and drive out of the property

Then we popped on the plane to make our way back to Brisbane after a few great downs down on the farm. In the photo below it’s clear to see that Archie is back in his esteemed positioned as top dog – due mainly to his good looks and pathetic charm that melts my heart.



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2 responses to “Australian Outback – Our last, tranquil day

  1. Caroline Galibert

    Hey Holly

    What a beautiful property. Really enjoyed the photos and the adventures of Archie the disappearing dog! Congratulations on your 100th post. I absolutely love reading your blog entries.


  2. Hollie!!
    how are you??
    m belén, i just got a blog, to wrte about … i don’t know yet lol

    anyway I was just “passing by” and read you last adventures (from the begining of the Bluuesfest ’til today) Im glad you’re enjoying you time in australia with your family and friends!


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