Australian Outback – Day 1

Last wednesday we drove down VERY early (leaving home at about 6am) to meet our friends down at Byron Bay (i’ve been visiting and passing through here quite alot recently). I had a delicious chai tea at one of the nearby cafe’s,

a visit to the creek for old times sake,

and a photographic session with this local bird that i spotted as i was walking along.

We took in the incredible ocean views but had to tear ourselves away,

to drive further south through the hinterland

and jump on a plane for an hour long flight even further south

with dear Archie VERY spoilt in his cushy little bed.

We touched down in Taree and drove for 2 hours more until we FINALLY arrived at our cattle station set amidst three large rivers and rolling green hills.

In the afternoon we took our friends for a horse ride

along one of the pristine, flowing rivers

Before returning to the house in the lowering sunlight as it gained an increasingly warm glow

that we enjoyed from the back veranda, soaking up the views and the simple serenity of the Australian outback


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