Australian Outback – Day 2.0 We lost the dog

On Thursday morning we had another relatively early rise and woke to the sounds of a lively bunch of colorful Eastern Rosellas in the backyard.

We then made our way down from the cottage where we stay to the stables

Where mum, one of our friends and myself brought in and saddled the horses

to head to one of the back paddocks

whilst the boys headed off for some shooting practice

We made our way through the paddocks to meet up with with the other stockmen

helping where we could, with the dogs doing an amazing amount of the work.

The horses happily complied (particularly when given the opportunity to canter and gallop) and Archie was having the absolute best time. As he leapt through the long grass, dashing back and forth with each passing smell and sound

He was in Jack Russell nirvana

But then, just as we were holding a bunch of cows (whilst the stockmen went off to fetch some more) we looked around and Archie was no longer there…. In the back paddocks – FAR from the homestead, and the dog had disappeared. Not good.

Mum immediately set off into the bush calling out

Whilst we stayed with the cows and waited, and whistled

and waited and whistled

and waited

and whistled

……………………………………………………………………………………………….. and whistled

whilst waiting

and as we took in the view we whistled some more

alllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll the while waiting.

Mum returned, without Archie and after waiting some more, the stockmen returned and we started to head back to the yards – resolving that Archie must have got tired and headed home. We continued picking up steers that needed branding, cows with their calfs that had previously been missed and a few bulls aswell. All done in quite a sullen mood as i began to come to terms with the reality that we might return home without a dog. Mum headed off with one of the stockmen in search of a particular bull, and though they didn’t return with the bull – SHE HAD ARCHIE!!!!!

the little @*&^# @*&#^ $(*&^%#$# *@&#%^^*&^@*@**^! had been nosing around in one of the gully’s completely oblivious to our endless whistling and desperate calls. He must had caught the scent of a rabbit or wallaby and his instincts kicked in. What a little @*&#


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