Australian Outback – Day 2.1 We lost the dog. AGAIN?!

After our morning fright of losing and then finally recovering the dog we tied him up to the ute with some string. Feeling content that we wouldnt have to fret about him anymore, we set off after lunch to new paddocks

Doing a big loop to find more bulls and unbranded steers

We searched the paddocks high

and low

Climbing hills and crossing creeks we did a huge loop

untilwe eventually returned to the yard. By this stage it was half way through the afternoon and we had just a bit more work to do – and then.

At the car…

Archie wasn’t there. $^&*

He had bitten through the rope and all we could assume was that he’d run after us

This was even worse than earlier in the day as we had absolutely no idea of which direction Archie had run off in or how long he had been gone

So Mum set off and re-did the WHOLE loop , whistling and calling out whilst AGAIN we waited

and waited. I had just snoozed off amidst influences of an overwhelming feeling of helplessness and the suns warmth,

HE WAS BACK!!!! The Stockmen had continued in the opposite direction of where we went in the afternoon and during their travels had come across him traveling on a road even FURTHER away from, well anything really.

When mum saw him again she was too pissed off to be completely pleased and gave him the cold shoulder for the rest of the afternoon. Archie could definitely feel the negative vibes all directed at him and his wandering habits

But happy that everyone was home safe and sound, we again enjoyed the scenery in the lazy afternoon


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