Breathing easy in Brisbane

Back in Brisbane, i’m keeping myself busy with organisational matters – ALL my things are currently in transit from London (looking forward to being re-united with my guitar!), im waiting for my indian tourist visa (the only thing stopping me from travelling as they have my passport) and it’s amazing how many other bits and pieces there are to sort out now that i have had time to stop and re-group. But thats all boring so today im going to take you on a tour of one of my special places, my garden 🙂

Thanks to the foresight of my parents and the skill and persistence of our care taker we have a very beautiful garden and seemings as i’ve taken so many photos of flowers and plants around the world – i thought id share a bit of my home turf with you

Although it is Autumn and winter is fast approaching (all the more reason to go back overseas and chase the summer!) the garden is still full of a myriad of colorful flowers

With about 2.5 acres of land we are lucky to have so much space to create such a garden, especially considering our proximity Brisbanes CBD (just 10 minutes drive)

We have a couple of ponds throughout the garden which attract many frogs, birds and other creatures which add to the oasis feeling of our spacious garden

There are also a few statues, fountains and other structures throughout the garden

And tucked away in a cosy corner of the garden lies Mum’s personal hide-away, her pottery shed

Archie our ever-so-spoilt Jack Russel even had his own authoritative position and rug in the mum’s studio to keep her company,

and also occasionally, act as her model

It is here, looking out to the best views of the garden, that mum escapes, imagines and creates beautiful sculptures and pots

And many of these treasures have found their way into our garden which make it all the more pleasant to wander around

Whilst others can be found throughout our house in the forms of fruit bowls, mugs, bowls and sculptures

All in all, we are very fortunate and love to eat in, wander around and in my case – take photos of – our suburban sanctuary as it is such an inspiring and uplifting place


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