BYRON BAY. Day 5. Perfect surf and Angus & Julia Stone

On Monday, the last day of Bluesfest, we woke to the best day of surfing yet

They were peeling perfectly

And continued to get bigger and better (thats dad below!)

I got a headache from taking photo’s directly into the morning glare from the sun but it was just too picturesque – i couldn’t stop!

Our family friend had a fun time on his mal – pulling a nice little hang 5

And the sets just kept rolling in, it was an incredible morning

Though the waves were still amazing throughout the day, everyone had to come in eventually as they were just too tired!

My brother lasted the longest – here he is doing a nice little crack back

In the afternoon Hannah returned to Byron (she had to go to brisbane for work) and brought her sister and another friend! and we were all bursting with excitement to see Angus and Julia Stone perform!

We walked to the main road to wait for the shuttle bus to pick us up

but were offered a lift by some young guys who had hired a minivan for the festival to make money transporting people to and from the fields. Against our better judgment and having seen 2 shuttle buses zoom by JUST before we got to the road, we shrugged our shoulders and said “Why not!” We were joined further down the road by 2 more festival goes but as we took off again, we heard sirens blazing behind us… Oh no. We pulled over and the police officer approached the driver, (it didn’t help that our driver was a scruffy young surfer) rounded the van taking details and then asked to breathalyze him. Luckily he hadn’t had anything to drink but upon further questioning from the officer about other toxic substances he revealed “ahh yeah… well….officer… um i just had a toke of a joint last night” (a puff of marijuana) Oh no. We were escorted down the road by the police officer and pulled into their temporary alcohol and drug testing site. At this point – we bailed! and made our way to the road, hoping to grab the next passing shuttle bus.

We walked along to somewhere where the bus could pull over and after waiting and waiting (with the angus and julis stone performance growing ever closer!) we finally saw a shuttle bus in the distance ! YAY! we waved our arms and hailed for it to pull over but the driver made some kind of hand signal and….. it just kept going…. Oh NO. We were walking back to the police, considering asking them for a lift as there was NO way we were going to miss the performance when another shuttle bus emerged over th horizon. YAYY!!! We made even more of a scene to grab the drivers attention and thankfully it pulled other (i think the other one was just full)

Thrilled and extremely relieved to be on a safe, legitimate bus to the festival we vowed not to try our hand at hitchhiking again!

We finally arrived at the festival with just 5 minutes to spare and rushed to the tent. Expecting a big crowd, we were amazed to find only a (relatively) small number of people. This was because most people only get 1 or 3 day passes for the weekend, only a small percentage stay for the last day and also, at 5pm it was well before most of the big bands usually play. Great for us! I got to see one of my favourite bands without being squashed and pushed and covered in the stench of other peoples alcohol and sweat!

Angus & Julia Stone are a brother-sister duo

from Newport on the Northern Beaches of Sydney and enjoyed a musical upbringing that nurtured their emerging talents. Julia worked as a trumpet teacher and encouraged Angus to perform his original works at local open mic nights. Their debut EP Chocolates and Cigarettes was released 2006 and since then the success of their whimsical folk tunes in Europe and their ever-growing Australian following has seen the dreamy pair continuing to play at increasingly larger venues.

Both Angus and Julia have distinctive vocal styles. The Sydney Morning Herald’s Bernard Zuel described their vocals as such, “Her voice has a fractured feel like Jolie Holland; his has a smoke-on-the-beach drawl.” UK journalist Johnny Sharp stated, “Most impressive, though, are the songs – simple but blindingly effective acoustic compositions, warm boy-girl harmonies and delicate, less-is-more arrangements. Resistance is surely futile.”

They’ve been described as “clearly sweet, charmingly self-effacing, gentle-as-lambs people. The type of loved-up Samaritans who would make you a cup of tea and bandage you if you cut yourself while breaking into their house.”

The song below “Just a boy” is THE reason i started playing harmonica with guitar

In terms of composing material, they write on their own, then work together on structure and harmonies.

Feeling ridiculously relaxed and so so SO happy that i had finally seen Angus and Julia Stone live, we again explored all the markets and enjoyed our final evening


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