BYRON BAY. Day 4 . My brother, the surfer/hunter/gatherer

On sunday the waves had REALLY picked up and the many surfers that amassed out of the front provided great entertainment for the morning.

I lapped up the glorious sun and had a great time photographing the seascape,

my brother,

and his girlfriend – definitely going to be getting surfing advice from them!!

Whilst he was out in the water my brother formed a crazy idea. He came in and then i helped him carry down the kayak, so he could paddle out in the increasingly massive waves. All simply to go fishing?! I truly believed he would be severely injured whilst trying to get out past the waves and was unconvinced to say the least that he would actually catch anything. Luckily his willpower was much stronger than any of my reasoning and not only did he return to land unscathed

he also returnedwith a huge haul of fish!

The hunter gathering continued as they helped another (less successful) fisherman gather bait – worms.

This was my brothers girlfriends first time and when she managed to catch one she was absolutely thrilled!! Who knew worms could bring such happiness!

As the dogs were getting a bit hyper and the sun was staring to lower i went for a lovely walk/play with Panda and Archie along the beach and back

My Jack Russell Archie has some admittedly odd habits….

until we were welcomed home once again

Just another cruisy, enjoyable day at the beach 🙂



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3 responses to “BYRON BAY. Day 4 . My brother, the surfer/hunter/gatherer

  1. amy hubbard

    This blog is EPIC!!!!! hahahah it is quite incredible worms can bring such happiness i am still stoked hahah you looks sexy in all the photos you little rig. love you hol x

  2. tom

    Love it! Best blog yet….love tom x

  3. Carol Serre

    Great blog Hollie ! I’m enjoying it. The photos are great and your writing is fantastic.
    Keep up the good job !
    We hope you’ll be able to come back to France soon (We won’t kick you out like the rosebeef did…)
    Love from the 4 of us in Perpignan – Carol

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