BYRON BAY. Day 2. Dolphins a lighthouse and John Butler Trio

Woke on Friday to see some excellent waves

That a pod of dolphins had a great time jumping about in

Headed into towns and after a spot of gumboot shopping (in preparation for the festivals muddy fields) we took in the view towards the lighthouse of Clarkes beach – the most populated as its right next to the centre of town

Then in the afternoon mum and i decided to go for a lovely walk/jog up to Byron’s famous landmark perched on the headland which extends to be the most Eastern point of Australia. The Cape Byron Lighthouse which is also Australia’s most powerful!

Wewalked round “The pass” and “Watagoes” with mum charging ahead (she walks with incredible pace for such a petit woman) and me stopping constantly to take photos then running to catch up before soon stopping to again snap the beautiful scenery

And we saw the infamous Watagoat! named after Watagoes beach and it’s remarkable ability to still exist. Mountain goats are a part of local history as they were imported to Australia in the early years of settlement and were ‘dropped off’ on islands and various parts of the continent to be used by settlers. 5 years ago the goats (deemed as destructive pests) were removed from the area but it was not without a community uproar. A ‘Save the Goats’ committee was formed and more than 1500 signatures were collected in the space of a week petitioning the decision. Although the committee failed there was ONE crafty little goat that managed to escape the round up. Many attempts were made to catch this elusive goat and once a ranger was actually successful but the goat screamed and made such an awful scene that the tourists at the lighthouse were mortified and the ranger was forced to let it go! So now there is Watagoat – the solitary mountain goats who wanders about the lighthouse and is a living legend to locals and tourists alike

Eventually we curved our way down from the lighthouse, taking in the beautiful sunset

Then Hannah and i headed off for another evening of chilled vibes and great music.

We let our bodies move to the funky beat of Blue King Brown

and marvelled at the skill of John Butler Trio – John is one of the best guitarists i know and definitely the best i’ve ever seen live. When he played “Ocean” on his 12 string guitare i could barely breathe for the whole 9 minutes it was so amazing. Below is a video of him playing Ocean live at a different event (he plays it slightly different every time) – the beginning is slow and mellow but it starts getting pretty hectic after 1 minute 30 seconds

It was another great night and we crashed into bed to store up energy for the next night!


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  1. amy hubbard

    the whatttt??? water goat?? hahah i am a blonde

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