The Grass is Greener in Cunnamulla

We have a sheep ( with some cattle) station in South Western QLD near the country town of Cunnumulla.

BLUE: Cunnamulla RED: Brisbane

Recently there has been immense flooding (CNN even reported it whilst i was overseas and Australia NEVER normally gets a mention) causing severe loss of livestock, damage but also breaking the drought and creating pasture so thick and green (in land thats normally little more than red dirt) that i’ve never seen anything like it there before.

To give you an idea below is the mean monthly rain for Cunnamulla over the past 10 years

This march Cunnamulla which normally has an average of 40mls got 181.8!!!!!!!!
Thats the highest since 1956!

Once the rain had subsided and whilst i was at the beach last weekend, my parents headed out to the property to check out the amazing results and see how fat the happy stock were already becoming on the immense feed.

Though the property was at times hard to get around

The wildlife is again abundant and thriving – from emu and kangaroos to fish and frogs, it was a sight to behold

The media have even been reporting the surge in the population of native frogs in outback Queensland

The most important thing though is that our stock are healthy and well, enjoying all the yummy green grass!!!!

So very happy, wet times out west!


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