The Strangeness of Sunshine

So i had few days settling at my Brisbane home soaking up the sunshine – i do live in what’s regarded as “The Sunshine State” of Australia –

whilst figuring out my plan on attack. I also spent a considerable amount of time and effort throwing out all the things that 4 months of globetrotting and materialistic detachment made me really were completely useless clutter) and otherwise enjoyed being at home

Wanting to make the most of this time and also to see my older brother and his girlfriend i headed down (a one hour drive) to Currumbin at the Goldcoast. Currumbin has a unique character with respect to other beachside suburbs – it’s where the bush, the vegetated littoral rainforest areas to the west, meet the beach, an area of vegetated coastal dune areas and parkland. It’s made distinct by Elephant Rock and Currumbin Rock which enclose a popular surfing beach and ofcourse there is the particularly well known “Alley” .

The Alley is one of the more famous breaks on the Gold Coast along with Superbank and Burleigh Heads among others. Waves wrap around the point and towards the creek exposing it to both perfect beginners conditions towards the creek and some amazing right-handers towards the point. Though i don’t excel at surfing myself, my brother and his girlfriend (former semi-pro surfer) are fanatics and i really want to get back into it when i move to Currumbin when i return to Australia at the end of August to start my university studies!

The afternoon i arrived i engaged in the daily ritual of heading to Palm Beach – a multiple winner of Queensland’s cleanest beach award, and more importantly a dog friendly beach!!!! Palm Beach lures agile locals and energetic dogs alike, looking to stretch their muscles along golden sands, cool off in sparkling warm waters and socialize with like-minded folk. I cannot describe how much i missed squelching my toes between the grains of sand and was almost as excited as my bothers gorgeous American Staffy – Panda

Panda is aptly named for her markings, solid stature and dopey daytime state – but put her on the dog beach and as she torpedo’s towards unsuspecting dogs at a frightening speed – she looks far more like a charging rhinoceros

When we arrived the sun was starting to set and as Panda went hurtling into all her doggy friends we soaked in the sea breeze and cruised along

After working up a ravenous appetite, back at the house we made delicious vietnamese rolls with fresh crispy veggies and mince that i had soaked in my special marinade all afternoon before cooking. YUM! So simple and so delicious!

I had forgotten how much Asian influence is in our standard cuisine here and that night, remembered how much i had missed it!

The next morning we headed off down the highway – during the drive Panda was true to her dozy namesakes – sleeping the whole way

on a daytrip to the blissful destination of Byron Bay. Fun fact about Byron – It was the only Australian Destination to be included on Forbes Traveller’s “World’s 25 sexiest beaches”. The far north coast NSW beach was lauded for its “chalky-white sands, deliciously temperate weather and occasional visits from dolphins and migrating whales”.

Byron Bay’s cosmopolitan population, local festivals, nudist beach and relaxed surf culture were also given the thumbs up.

We skipped the nudist beach in favour of Dolphins Beach

as word was out about the incredible swell it generated yesterday. Boards in hand my brother and his girlfriend went running through the scrub out onto the beach as i followed behind with Panda and ofcourse, my camera

While they carved up the waves, i soaked up the sun and was particularly taken (although i have been to this beach many many many MANY times before) by how few people there were. Thats one of Australia’s greatest appeals, there are so many beautiful places and so few people (relatively speaking) that your always able to find a gorgeous beach/mountain/river where you can enjoy it without the hassle and distraction of crowds

Before i became paralyzed by the bliss of the suns warmth i jumped in the ocean – MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM – and then took Panda for a nice long stroll along the beach

Before it was time to head home



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6 responses to “The Strangeness of Sunshine

  1. tom

    Looks unreal, haha im famous, im famous. See you at byron? love tom s

  2. amy hubbard

    My favorite blog! because it involved you being with us!!! mwahh hu hu rest of the world! haha missing you already and hope to see you at byron but if not i will be happy at the same time 🙂 xo

  3. lovely, I may just go and visit Byron myself

  4. tom

    haha panda is shitting in that photo!!!

  5. roland

    after your description i wish to come back to brisbane and byron bay. like paradise, thanks!!

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