Old London Town

Good day old chaps! From the moment i walked out of Heathrow airport – hauling my mountain of luggage – i knew i was in London as i stepped into the classic black and very spacious London Taxi.

I arrived at my apartment address

but as it was sunday there was no one in the small office, no-one was answering the phone number i had been given and i couldnt get the emergency number to work!! S*#T. I even tried buzzing all the flats of my apartment but to no avail. So, I sat on the steps amidst a mountain of luggage and my guitar, looking quite pathetic in the cold (4 C) waiting for someone from the apartment to turn up. They didn’t. Eventually i was so cold i hauled my luggage (in two separate trips) to the nearest hotel which thankfully was very close and booked a room for the night. After dropping off my things into my plush, British room

I went for a wander around the area to gain my bearings of the key places, streets etc

That night i went out to a lovely little Italian restaurant called Daphne’s which had mouth watering food and i celebrated my arrival to London which a nice champagne and then some red wine to go with my meal 🙂 As i confidently strolled in, all dressed up and ordered a table for myself, enjoying my meal as i caught up on the weeks happenings in the Economist I think that they presumed i must be over 18…. hehe. The next morning i sorted out my apartment which is very nice, although the kitchen can fit a maximum of one person – barely – at any given time! Then i headed out for a day of exploration!!! I headed to the nearest tube stop and after getting my day pass with the help of a kind gentleman navigated my way to Oxford Circus before strolling along regent st and soaking it all up! the architecture, the telephone booths and the classic red double deckers!

And soaking up all that is London town

After making my way along the famous Regent Street and through Piccadilly Circus (where i picked up some discount theatre tickets!) i stumbled across the grand National Gallery

As a bit of an ametaur artist and lover of fine art i was in bliss – completely overwhelmed by the sheer amount of incredible paintings, there was too much to take in. I was able to see the real versions of so many famous paingtings that i had seen reproduced counteless times before in textbooks and on websites

Van Goghs “Sunflowers”

Titans “Bacchus and Ariadne”

Georges Seurat’s “Bathers at Asnières”

Rubens “Samson and Deliah”

Turners “The Fighting Temeraire”

Diego Velázquez’s “The Rokeby Venus”

Paul CĂ©zanne’s “Bathers (Les Grandes Baigneuses)”

and many many MANY more, it was amazing.

I then walked out onto the renowned Trafalgar Square!

It really is incredible to be finally viewing all these sites and monuments that i had heard so much about! I then headed back to my suburb and stumbled across another gallery, the Saatchi Gallery, that was the COMPLETE opposite to the National Gallery.
Juxtaposing the National Galleries lavish wallpapers and ornate details, the Saatchi Gallery is just about as minimalist as they come, big, high roofed, white rooms which a few bizarre sculptures randomly placed here and there.

On my way home I also came across some lovely little streets with pastel colored houses and even more bizarre than the color (all apartments here seem to be brown or white and absolutely identical) was the backdrop of the blue skies!!!!

And as if my visual senses weren’t already exhausted, i had picked up a discount ticket in Piccadily circus and that night i was wowed and highly entertained by the billy elliot musical

I love this city already!



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3 responses to “Old London Town

  1. Stephen

    And all that in just 24 hours – brilliant. You WILL enjoy the UK it has SO much to offer.

  2. Mum

    Glad you had a rest in Barcelona before you got to London. You are certainly going at a blistering pace. Do you know when I went to the National Art Gallery with Ailsa, I saw Sunflowers by VanGough and felt tearful. I certainly know the feeling that seeing those master pieces can give you. Love Mum

  3. Margaret Biggs

    We knew you would love London . It has all you love . Art , Theatre, Historic buildings , Albert hall Kensington Gardens with Peter Pan & Kensington Palace.You are so resourceful handling the problem after your arrival. That’s my beautiful grand daughter ! With love Margoo xxoo

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