The holiday from my holiday?

Last week i had a great time not having to do anything! i know it sounds bizarre but the past few months have just been so full on and exciting, i was in need of some nothing time. So i spent my last week in Spain just cruising and soaking it all up. I went down to the Barcelona Beach but a few drops of rain and a chilly wind kept me on the pathway and well away from the ocean

Then headed into town for a Boqueria Bar Lunch before exploring the ‘Gotic’ area of Barcelona where i came across a block of apartments being knocked down and jumped on the photo opportunity

Wandering past statues and through valleys

Followed the footsteps of an older couple, just for kicks

Until heading down along the port

Where i listened to a really talented Busker singing Jeff Buckley’s heart rendering Hallelujah

singing Jeff Buckley’s heart rendering Hallelujah

the next day it rained and rained and rained, the wind was so great that there were actually really decent waves! I didn’t think anyone in Barcelona would own a surfboard but i was happily proved wrong when i looked out the window to see a bunch of surfers making the most of the rare swell

The swell unfortunately wasn’t as welcome for the passengers on the cruise ship headed to Italy when they were hit by +8m waves

even though i spent most of the rainy day inside i still slept in the following day until 11! Though when i did finally wake i was extremely pleased to find that the sun had returned! sooo good, i just walked and cruised around exploring and enjoying the weather

And there was a spectacular sunset! i stood on the bridge above the railway tracks, looking towards the zoo, to take these photos for about 30 minutes as the sun slowly set – all the people walking past thought i was quite strange, understandably – but i didnt care and was pleased with the results

On friday night i was invited to an 18th birthday celebration, Happy birthday Tania!

The following morning i headed back for my last full day in Barcelona. I enjoyed the sun whilst watching a busking trumpeter beneath the Arc de Triomph

Then watched some older men play a very competitive and serious game of weekend botchie,

or just sitting and watching passers by, as i was

I then went through the citadel park, filled with similarly casual people

and finally, made my way back to hotel to pack my things 😦 I have loved my time spent in Barcelona and will miss all the places i had grown so fond of but more importantly, all of the wonderful people i have met . It is sad to close that chapter but today i turned a new page – Big Ben, Tea, Queenie – watch out, i coming to London!



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2 responses to “The holiday from my holiday?

  1. Mum

    Lovely to see you had a last cruisey week in Barcelona, before being orphaned on the doorstep in London!! Also can you send my your London postal address by SMS. love mum

  2. Narcis

    I like that picture!!!

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