Synchronized swimming and sunday sunshine

Sunday morning after going to the gym i went and met some my spanish friends to support our friend in the sunchronized swimming national champions!

It was amazing and the 6 hours of training they do each day certainly paid off -one of those events like the Cirque du Soleil that makes you feel like a completely inadequate human being.

I then had a delicious lunch in the sun in El Born

with some vibrant live music all throughout with different musicians coming and going – taking turns to perform at the different ‘hotspots’ around the area

After polishing off my lunch

I wandered around, visiting the Santa Maria del Mar which really dominates Barcelona‘s Ribera district. It was built between 1329 and 1383, at the height of Catalonia’s maritime and mercantile preeminence. Unfortunately it was closed

So i continued on my way admiring doors

and graffiti – when done properly, as art (not simply ‘tags’ or illegible scribbles) it gives areas an uplifting and youthful vibe

When walking along an alley i highly recommend looking up, looking around and i guarantee you’ll be pleasantly surprised (or at least have a better insight into the place your exploring)

My observations continued out of the alleys and into the park

where i looked around, it was very nice but then i looked up, and i discovered just how much nicer the flowers and couldnt believe i had never noticed them before despite walking along the same paths many times before.


they are nice.


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One response to “Synchronized swimming and sunday sunshine

  1. Mum

    What a fantastic day. You fitted so much in. Your photograghy is just getting better and better.

    Love Mum

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