HG visits the Zoo

After navigating the confusing beauracracy of the Barcelona post Office

i had a lovely lunch in the same place as yesterday ( i can be a creature of habit )

and was happy to see some of the same musicians as yesterday

and then i headed to the Barcelona Zoo!

I lost track of time and just wandered, camera at the ready

I don’t completely agree with zoo’s but there are plausible cases both for and against and when it comes to the animals themselves some are clearly unhappy,

whilst others are genuinely happy

the setting sun made for beautiful light and i snapped away well after the official closing time (they said when i entered the zoo closed at 5 but i was still wandering around at 6:20! Another insight into the Spaniards lack of appreciation to the concept of time). When they finally kicked me out i took some more photos during the short walk to my current hotel home


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One response to “HG visits the Zoo

  1. Caroline Galibert

    Wow Hollie. They are the most spectacular animal photos. You would give National Geographic a run for their money! And what gorgeous weather you had which is an added bonus. Hope all is well. x

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