ROAD TRIP! Girona and the Costa Brava

Family road trips . The 3 words ignitememories and images of whining, terrible petrol station food and plenty of ups and downs but for us, it was completely pleasant! There were a number of helpful factors,
A) We all get on really well and after 3 1/2 weeks of traveling together are completely used to being in confined spaces together for long periods of time

B) It only took us 2 hours to our first destination (much quicker than the 8 hours we spent in a car together crossing the Andes!) and everything else was relatively close aswell

C) i provided a CD to avoid radio channel rivalries

D) Dad was designated navigator – as he was driving and has a FAR better sense of direction than both mum and I though i was the designated map reader – thankfully Spain has wonderfully clear signs and

E) sibling banter wasn’t a possibility as my brother was 20,000km’s away

We basked in the sun (something repeated many times throughout the day as you’ll see further down) and enjoyed espresso’s -feeling quite european if i do say so myself – with a typical Spanish alleyway in one direction and the magnificent tower of the Saint Feliu Church looming above us in the other

We then walked up to the beauitful cathedral of Girona and i showed my parents around (having been there about a month ago with my surrogate Spanish family)

After the cathedral we walked and sat in the sun and walked and sat in the sun some more haha i really couldn’t get over what a beautiful day it was considering it’s still winter here!

We then continued on our journey to the Costa Brava! We stopped at some little coves in the hope of finding somewhere nice for lunch but there was literally NOTHING there, just empty beach villa’s and the occasional repair man prepping for the summer when the whole area is absolutely filled with people

We continued in our search of food (though by this stage it was 4pm) and made our way to the nearest ‘big’ coastal town – Palemos but couldnt find anywhere at all to eat – so we didnt.. i now know the disappointment that nomads and cavemen felt when their hunting missions failed )

But instead of sharpening spear heads and tracking down new prey to feast on, we fought off hunger by doing something i formerly didn’t concieve as possible. We. went. to. a FISHING MUSEUM? I still can’t believe it.

Then knowing much more than i cared to about fishing and boats we admired the fishing boats of Palemos and walked along the beach back to our car

And made for Torrent, a small village home to the large farmhouse that has been turned into a beauitful hotel

The next morning we headed to the medieval village of Pals pictured below in the distance

As well as views of the coastline, mountains and surrounding lush farmland

Pals has cobbled streets, ancient village walls and many quaint archways. We strolled through and explored the narrow streets which house a variety of restaurants and trinket shops selling everything from ceramics to jewelry though we were there far to early (10 in Spain is like 6am in australia i swear) but even if we had come later there probably still wouldn’t have been many or ANY people as this whole region pretty much hibernates in the winter, recovering from last summer and amassing energy for the next!

We then agreed to go somewhere which i knew from last time San Pol Beach.

I retraced my steps, this time with my Mum around the beautiful headland and then we had lunch (today there was NO way we were missing out on lunch!) at the same restaurant as last time as i could guarantee there would be food and furthermore, that it would be incredibly delicious – and it was 🙂 San Pol was our last stop and headed back very satisfied – filled with the sense of self accomplishment that successful and very enjoyable exploration gives you


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