Catalan Cooking and a Cathedral

After meeting our lovely chef Terressa and discussing what we’d like to learn (something easy enough to repeat at home was our number one request!) We made our way from the Cook & Taste studio to the Boqueria Market (See posts that also mention this market by clicking here) that we aquainted ourselves with yesterday. Below are pictures of the walk and the smooth “Cortado” (like a Piccolo in Australia, just an espresso with a splash of frothy milk)

thanks to the well known and ever smiling Pinoxo

We meandered through the stalls and this time properly stopped and soaked in the vibrant atmosphere as our chef went to the best places ( i would have NO idea where to start myself) and selected the local produce that we would transform into a delicious Catalan feast

Until we FINALLY tore ourselves away from the engulfing market to get on with the job at hand – COOKING! We peeled and chopped and poured and plopped our way through the necessary preparation steps for our 4 course meal

After about 2 hours our stomachs growled with built up anticipation and our mouths watered as the aroma’s wafted up from the completed dishes – starting with the appropriately named “appetiser” of catalan smoked ham and spanish sheeps cheese – mmmm but we had to control ourselves as we set in for the endurance feast ahead

Delicious white anchovies marinated in vinegar on ‘Pan con Tomat”

White asparagus in the Romesco sauce which of all the food took the longest to prepare as ontop of the multiple ingredients we chopped up we had to roast some of the vegetable and grill others before they could be blended – certainly worth it but i must admit that im not sure if i would bother repeating it properly

And then the main course! A catalan seafood stew, with the freshest ingredients it was delicious and dad took careful notes of the fish stock we made to cook it in so he can use it when we go fishing back home!

The meal was topped off with an apple crumble of sorts presented in a muffin form and was extremely simple, a basic crumble at the bottom then diced apple and then a half apple placed as a ‘lid’ on top and WOW. just, yum. Especially when served with the choice of greek yoghurt or ice-cream

We also made mini versions !

Stomachs about to burst we expressed our huge thanks – it was a fantastic experience – and decided to walk home in an effort to undo a little of what we had just put our digestive systems through! Along the way we stopped at the beautiful Cathedral of Barcelona named after the patron Saint Eulalia (Click here or here to see a previous posts that mention either this Cathedral or the Saint whom our home in Australia was named after)

And soaked up the sun on the church steps whilst listening to some very talented buskers

the quality and plentitude of the buskers in Barcelona still astounds me – OH! annnnnnnd a few days later i was reunited with my guitar after having to leave it as a friends house while i was in South America – it’s so exciting to have it again!!!! Everytime i saw musicians or heard a favourite song -whilst i was away – i sorely missed my guitar. I an very much an amateur and havn’t been playing for that long but i decided to bring it to the other side of the world with me as it’s a great source of comfort. Keep checking for updates of the other wonderful things we did together during the week and i am also working on a very exciting new page which will exhibit videos i have taken with my camera of various places and events with the aim of bringing you ever closer to experiencing my travel adventures yourself! This should be up and running within the next 24hrs to keep checking!


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