A pleasant, explorative stroll

We started the morning at Passeig de Gràcia which is part of the 5 KM shopping line and is an important road in Barcelona. The wide boulevards on either side of Passeig de Gràcia add to the feeling of opulence that this road gives you. Passeig de Gràcia is also home to two of Antonio Gaudi’s most important creations here – La Pedrera

and Casa Batlló. The local name for the building is Casa dels ossos (House of Bones), and indeed it does have a visceral, skeletal organic quality. It was originally designed for a middle-class family and situated in a prosperous district of Barcelona. The building looks very remarkable — like everything Gaudí designed, only identifiable as Modernisme or Art Nouveau in the broadest sense. It seems that the goal of the designer was to avoid straight lines completely. Much of the façade is decorated with a mosaic made of broken ceramic tiles (trencadís) that starts in shades of golden orange moving into greenish blues. The roof is arched and was likened to the back of a dragon or dinosaur.

As we were entering the house to look at the inside which is every bit as whimsical and wonderful as the facade, i reached into my bag to get money for the tickets and my stomach plunged as i realized it wasn’t there! Barcelona is notorious for its pick pockets so we spent the next hour organizing the cancelation of card and getting a new one sent – a definite downer! (it is very important for me to mention that when we returned to the hotel it turns out it had fallen out of my bag in the taxi and the taxi driver was incredibly kind as he returned it with all the cards and 120 euros still intact!!! – though couldn’t undo the cancellation of the card) The whole building is incredibly detailed and bizarre – I couldn’t find one 90 degree architectural corner or straight decorative line!

We then strolled down through Placa Catalunya and along La Ramblas as we made our way to La Boqueria Mercat – yumm. I have been here multiple times before and was thrilled to be able to show my parents around as we made our way to one of the cosy bars at the back

for a delicious and very easy tapas lunch

We then continued down La Ramblas, passing the colourful flower stalls and creative performers including this BIG Fat lady who swore undying love to all who passed and shoved my face into her squishy foam breasts as i posed for a candid snapshot

We eventually made it down to the marina

and decided to pop into the grand aquarium!

As we watched the diverse variety of fish cruise around casually we all felt the need to go scuba diving! and see these creatures in their natural habitat but nevertheless they were all very healthy and well looked after from what we could see

Certainaly much better off than the fish at the markets!

on our way home past the plethora of incredible buildings and sculptures – you literally can’t escape them here in Barcelon

we also passed some interesting fellows taking their groceries home… i couldn’t bring myself to take a photo of their fronts!

All in all a great day and my parents saw for themselves why i have come to love this city


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