It takes two to Tango


Tango music was born in the suburbs of Buenos Aires, notably in the brothels of the Junín y Lavalle district and in the arrabales (poorer suburbs). Its sensual dance moves were not seen as respectable until adopted by the Parisian high society in the 1920s, and then all over the world. Tango consists of a variety of styles that developed in different regions and eras of Argentina. The dance developed in response to many cultural elements, such as the crowding of the venue and even the fashions in clothing. The styles are mostly danced in either open embrace, where lead and follow connect at arms length, or close embrace, where the lead and follow connect chest-to-chest. As we were in the city where Tango was born, in the rowdy docks of Buenos Aires, we went to the elegant dance studio of Elsa Maria and Mayoral – world renowned Tango dancers – to give it a twirl

After learning some of the basic step progressions and responses to the expert guidance of the lead dancers

mum and i were being swept around the room swishing our hips and holding our heads high

to the sensual music which is as important as the dance itself.

Dad for the most part simply enjoyed watching due to his “knee injury”…..

We really had a wonderful time – i’ll be searching for tango classes when i return home as it’s just so enjoyable, despite only a taste of what it’s all about

After our best efforts the folowing evening we went to the intimate Rojo Tango to watch the experts and be immersed in the most authentic and intimate Tango show the city has to offer

And it was AMAZING – we were overwhelmed by the perfected ambience of the small room and standard of the musicians and dancers. I would definitely recommend it to anyone who has the opportunity to visit this dynamic city


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  1. Margaret Biggs

    Looks wonderful. Loved the photos . Can’t believe Michael agreed to appear ! Love Margoo xxx

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