29km’s, 7 hours and 1 tired but satisfied girl

Woh! a day later and as suspected i am aching alllllll over but it was DEFINITELY worth it. I woke in the morning to what was described as the best day of the season as the pink sunrise reflected onto the mountains which in turn reflected onto the glassy lake.

I met my guide Flash ( i soon found out how he got his nickname!) who despite 15 years of being a guide in Patagonia, still couldnt believe the fantastic weather we have had. We were also joined by an Italian man who was on our 19km hike two days prior and the only one of about 80 guests crazy enough to join us! After packing our lunch and adjusting our walking polls we set of across the lake in the lodges sturdy catamaran with another group doing the 17km walk to our departure point .

Starting our walk (more like militaristic half jog) at 9:30am we rounded the lake

and quickly surpassed all those infront as Flash strode forth until 2 hours later (with just 2 very quick water stops) we arrived at the Italian Camp

with a great view of the glacier

After a quick loo break and snack we pushed forth for an hour more – this time in considerably steeper and windier terrain through the forest

and up a steep climb to the plateau were we would have lunch. Thank god we stopped there as I was feeling quite light headed! We had an incredible close up view of the hanging mountains glacier and were perfectly primed to watch the series of avalanches sporadically falling with thunderous booms

We were also joined by a little owl! A rare sight apparently

After we were revitalized we pushed on as we still had another hour further to the British camp before we would be turning back. We rounded past the glacier

and into the second section of the valley with amazing panoramic views of the circle of granite towers that surrounded us.

½ an hour further and we finally arrived at British camp!

infastructurally there was just a rock to mark the take off point for the British explorers in the 40s to climb the towers, one of which has only been successfully climbed once since then! We savored the half way moment at around 2:45pm before having to turn right around and pacing back towards the lakes. We were making great time with very few stops and by 5pm were through the valley and back at the lakes we first walked around. We stopped at a great lookout

and Flash radioed the boat to come and meet us in 50 minutes. He was told that the other group who did the shorter walk were almost at the pier and was urged to hurry up – HURRY UP? So they didn’t have to send the boat back again. The final part I can fairly call a jog as we took just 30 minutes instead of the 50 it usually takes! Also to give you an idea on our pace, we left and practically returned at the same time as the group despite walking 12km more than them! Needless to say I could barely feel my legs and my feet ached as I collapsed onto the seat of the boat at what im sure was a record time at 5:45pm. We were incredibly lucky to have had such a perfect day (the group who did the same trek 2 weeks ago did it in constant rain and couldn’t even see the mountains due to the fog and clouds!) and i soaked in the extremely satisfying feeling as we skimmed back across the lake –im pictured below with Flash

towards the warm bath which I lay in for AGES unable to move once back at the lodge – Exhausted but completely content


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One response to “29km’s, 7 hours and 1 tired but satisfied girl

  1. Margaret Biggs

    Watch out for Flash !! The day looked fantastic beautiful scenery. I wish Jack & I had’nt grown old.We loved Coopla.Sarah is very happy & working hard . I took photos of her working .She wants copies. Big hug Margoo xxx

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