19 km mountain hike!

The most tiring Valetnines day i have ever had! Being the people who we are from the country which we originate, we cleverly decided that we should completely write ourselves off on the very first day at Explora with the hardest hike on offer! A 19km trek through the mountains to see the incredible towers up close and personal. Here they distinctly peaking out of the mountains in the right side of the picture below

we were sweating profusely within just 10 minutes of starting (despite the 10 degree celsius temperature)

as the first hour was a constant climb as we arduously made our way to ‘the official start’ of the walk in the mountains. Thankfully, the walking in this section was considerably easier and the scenery grew more and more amazing with each crunching step on the narrow dirt track

we crossed many log bridges (there was a bet on for who could guess how many times we would cross the same river in the day – it was 6 so i missed out on the chocolate bar with my guess of 8 but i brought my own chocolate anyways 🙂 )

We passed underneath a hanging mountain glacier

and ambled through the incredibly green Lenga forests

We were VERY lucky to have such a beautiful day as Patagonia is known for its freezing temperatures and gusting winds. But despite the cloudless blue skies it still snowed!

Eventually we got to the last steep ascent up large, loose stones and it seemed to go for ever and ever. My legs were BURNING and i was breathing hard but just looked up to the looming towers and found my motivation to put one foot in fromt of the other.

until we made it!!!!!

We had a well deserved lunched gazing at the sight, resting and refueling

for the descent

I couldnt believe it but we were met with even more incredible views on our way down along the same path

We stopped at some of the little waterfalls to fill our bottles with 100% pure glacial water

And towards the end iunfortunately i developed a nasty blister .. i know the photo is gross but i simply had to share

And after surviving the journey we crashed infront of the car (the upwards movement required to enter the van seemed simply to much at the time) and savored refreshing cold drinks whilst doing a bit of stretching so our muscles didn’t completely seize up during the hour long car trip back to the logde. When we got back i went straight to my room to get into my togs and made my way with unmatched determination to the heavenly outdoor spa..

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, it was truly bliss


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One response to “19 km mountain hike!

  1. Aunty Moppy

    Hi All
    Hollie this is the most amazing, fantastic discription of the incredible, magnificant trip you are having. The scenery is stunning and the photos you are taking are the best I have seen and what a load of interesting activities you are all doing – WOW!!!!!
    You are keeping me up at night reading your imputs. Your travel blog is even preferred over the Olympics !!!!John is calling now so I must to bed.
    Loads of love to you all.

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