Walking on a Glacier

Yesterday – YES. I AM ALMOST UP TO DATE WITH MY BLOGGING! I woke to the incredible view of the glacier and after breakfast we headed down to the nearby pier to board a boat that would take us right over the Perito Moreno Glacier!

After a brief Glaciology lesson from our handsome guide Martin- concentration was admittedly a tad difficult –

we strapped the steel spikes on to our feet moved towards the glacier just as a big chunk fell from the edge with a thunderous BOOM

We made our way onto the Glacier

and relished in the sensation as we walked up and down, past holes that were an amazing electric blue

and one particularly striking crevasse

Despite the safety precautions it was impossible to fight our rebellious australian nature and we wandered out of line to peer into and jump over the holes and smaller crevasses

and attacked each other with FREEZING ice

There was also there strange phenomenon of what at first glance was an upside rainbow. Once more clouds past, it appeared as iridescent circle surrounding the sun – beautifully bizarre

The morning was topped of with some whisky on (glacial) ice

before we headed back for a picnic lunch set against our surreal backdrop

and then across the bay again

to our hotel where we relaxed and also met 4 lovely americans (two of which had gotten engaged that day! congratulations Grace and Chris!!!!) who we shared quite a few bottles of wine with over nibbles, which rolled in a dinner and altogether made for a hilarious and wonderful evening


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