Transit to El Calafate

Thursday we woke early to the BEST weather but unfortunately had to say our goodbyes to the amazing staff of Arroyo Verde and start the next chapter of our journey.

We flew 2 hours South along the Andes

to the town of El Calafate situated on the southern border of Lake Argentino and the doorway to exploring the Los Glaciares National Park which is part of the Argentine/Chilean Ice field. As we drove out of town and along the lake we saw a healthy population of Flamingos and other birds in the murky turquoise water

And gazed at the incredible mountains that surrounded us

as we headed towards the famous Perito Moreno Glacier. It is one of 48 glaciers fed by the Southern Patagonian Ice Field (which is also the world’s third largest reserve of fresh water) located in the Andes system shared with Chile. The glacier is 5 kilometres wide, with an average height of 74 m above the surface and 170 metres below and is one of just 3 Patagonian glaciers that isn’t retreating!

We headed straight to the viewing balconies and stretch our legs whilst gazing at the natural wonder before heading to the Los Notros hotel – the only one in the national park that is perfectly positions towards the glacier

check out the view from my room!!!

After enjoying aperitifs as the sun set over the glacier and a delicious meal ( once i start cooking for myself again it will seem awful in comparison so what ive been lucky enough to enjoy during this trip! ) we headed to bed to rest for a day of walking on the glacier!


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