Last day at Arroyo Verde

After spending wednesday morning catching up on some blogging and other bits and pieces i went out into the beautiful sunshine – our best weather in Patagonia so far – and joined in the Argentine BBQ feast –

SO delicious and particularly enjoyable as we were soaking up the warm rays of afternoon sun

The temperature was so agreeable that when we went for an afternoon ride i was able to wear just a t-shirt! (As compared to two days prior when i was freezing despite have 5 layers on!)

We cantered along through the fields

Though poor Doggy the lovable basset hound/beagle cross struggled to keep up despite moving his little legs as fast as he could!

It was beautiful and with our newly attained birdspotting skills we spotted many hares, deer and native birds as we cruised around the property

We got back at about 8 as the sun was setting though as Mum still hadnt caught a big fish (she hooked a few small ones earlier) and was very determined she suited up again in the oompa loompa overalls (when i looked at her i couldnt take anything she said seriously!) and we headed out in the twilight to try one last time

Unfortunately despite best efforts the fish just weren’t biting but dont worry, she’ll be back with a vengeance so those fish better watch out!


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