My First Fly-Fishing Trout!

On Monday, after an hour or so learning the bare essentials of fly-fishing with the help our lovely expert guide, mum and I were ready to take on the trout and salmon in our oompa loompa outfits!

The ranch is home to a Traful river, renowned in the fishing world. The Traful River is regarded as the best river in all Patagonia to find and catch trophy Atlantic Landlocked Salmon and browns and rainbow trout. I was planning just to practise my casting which was particularly challenging thanks to the wind (a continuation of the gloomy weather we have had) but as I was bringing in the line and flicked the road to prepare for another cast – I realized there was a tiny fish attached to the end of my line!!!! Now it was no more than about 10cm but I was so content that I had caught a fish I was about to retire for morning but my guide convinced me otherwise and I kept flicking out, letting out the line, bringing in the line, flicking out, letting out the line, bringing in the line, flicking out, letting out the line, bringing in the line .. you get the point. After a while I was day dreaming a bit and gazing wistfully at the scenery when I felt a big THUMP! In a state of shock I looked around and thought myself crazy so continued bringing in the line, then another THUMP.. I jerked my rod up but found I couldn’t move the reel. Passing it over to the guide thinking id caught a rock, the line started wizzing and he quickly handed it back. Whilst he ran to the car to get the camera I fought the battle of the century, winding it in, letting it out, waiting, winding it in, letting it out, waiting (ive found theres a lot of repitition in fishing…) and and soon as I saw the fish surface I let out a squeal of delight! The guide came racing back with the camera and my mum was hot on his heals though by this stage id already brought it in and is was sitting in the shadows waiting for its photo shoot (satisfied grin spreading across my face as I write this). My first time ever I had caught myself a lovely 2kg brown trout! Look closely at my reaction in the photos below – pure joy

After this triumph I was completely satisfied and sat sheltered from the wind as my mother continued fishing, unable to wipe the grin from my face!


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