Andean Condors – Part 2

WHAT AN AMAZING DAY! We left after breakfast and drove to the base of the mountain picture below which we would spend the next few hours walking up! With the aim of reaching the other side of the cliffs pictured in the top right corner where we were told we would find at least a few Andean Condors

It was every bit as steep as parts of the photo suggest and we stripped off layers until we reached the open part when we quickly put them back on to guard against the + 70km/hr winds! We reached the top after about 2 1/2 hours and took in the incredible views

The photo below pictures the terrifying rocky passage that we had to cross to reach the condors – my heart and stomach were in my mouth at one point where to either side of the narrow section on which I tentatively stood was a sheer drop of hundred of metres

Once the sheer terror past I was overcome with excitement as we started spotting the condors perched on the cliff

And even more excitement when they took off and soared through the skies

As the day continued more and more returned from hunting to perch

A lovely place for one to have lunch and tea!

10 condors soon turned into +30 and we sat in awe as they soared above us

But as time went on I found myself getting more and more nervous as it sunk in how dangerous our position was. Metres away from certain death with no safety equiptment whatsoever, eventually we had to leave before my legs were too shaky to walk back. I slowly crawled off where we watched the birds

and when i big gust of wind came i flattened to the ground! (our guide found my mothers and my reaction to the gusts highly entertaining nicknaming our defence strategy – the Australian crawl!)

Mum and i needed a rope to get past one particularly hairy spot

and though I remained outwardly composed throughout the ordeal I was so sick with fear that I actually threw up once we passed through! But then kept saying – Guess what, hey, hey mum, guess what IM ALIVE!

After a final look at the incredible condors, we started to head down (I was far more relaxed now that I wasn’t a step away from death) and I was able to properly absorb the amazing views

I owe a huge thankyou to our guide for his expert knowledge and willingness to take us to such an amazing spot. All in all it was an absolutely incredible day and a once in a life-time experience which i will never forget!


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One response to “Andean Condors – Part 2

  1. roland

    I also like to look big birds soaring, it’s fantastic but I don’t believe you when you say you’r scared
    you smile on every photo

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