Relaxing at Tres Lagos Lodge

Friday was very relaxed and cruisy, my main activity was simply a lovely long, long walk through the valley

We gazed at the well bred horses (the ranch has a total of 70 but only 500 head of cattle….?)

Saw many beautiful birds which I took it upon mself to name as we had no idea of what they really are. There is the noisy major (make awful shreaking noises whenever they fly). And here is the majestic red beaked frizzit

The Argentine Ibis

Oh and here is Hamster hill ☺

For lunch we were treated to a traditional Argentina BBQ of fire cooked lamb marinated in a special dressing – mouthwateringly (new word) good. In the afternoon I just took it easy, did a spot of drawing, unwound in the out door wooden hot tub that overlooks the lake

and relaxed in preparation for the 2 big days ahead.


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One response to “Relaxing at Tres Lagos Lodge

  1. Margaret Biggs

    Dear Hollie, what a marvellous time you are all having. S.America is a varied & beautiful country
    I loved Bariloche in May 2005. It was very cold.
    If you are in the town look in the square for the St Bernard dogs.Keep having fun .I am with you all the way .Love Margoo xxxxxooooo

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