Patagonia – Two day Horseride

On Saturday morning we woke early – an hour early actually as my father had his alarm set to the wrong time! – and saw an amazing sunrise, i know i have written about many ‘amazing’ ‘beautiful’ ‘incredible’ sunrises but this really was one of the best so far!

After breakfast we headed round out where the gauchos were setting up the horses and i had a wonderful time taking photos and exploring their unique tack room

before we set off on our two day horseback journey up, through and over the mountains, camping (or at least intending to) until arriving the following day at our next lodge. Rounding past the lake and up the first of many mountains to come, we had an impressive entourage of the two lovely women from our destination – Estacio Arroyo Verde, two Gauchos, two packhorses, another horse that followed when they came here, two dogs and my parents and I.

we headed up, clad in multiple layers including a big coat and a poncho

to guard against the cold winds make even more chilling when you factored in the constant and ever increasing rain that soaked through my jeams and shoes until my hips down were completely numb – not kidding. As we rounded around the tops of the mountains (with patches of snow here and there – IN FEBRUARY – this is their summer?) it was the coldest i have ever been for an extended period of time -about 4 hours – and well, i wasn’t a happy camper. But we pushed onwards as there was no alternative. The one plus that kept me sane was the amazing scenery, but i also grew tired of this when i felt as if i was slowly dieing of frostbite. Eventually we headed down into the trees and found the camping site were we set up for lunch. The very skilled guachos managed to light a fire despite the constant drizzle

and we gorged on cold but delicious tortilla and Wiener Schnitzels practically ontop of the fire as my jeans steamed and slowly dried – i could feel eventually my legs! But then i could also feel the cold…. so an hour more of rotating around the fire and running up and down some of the surrounding hills and i was good to go! The scenery as we made our way down was incredible

3 and 1/2 hours later we arrived down where we were meant to be camping but due to the miserable weather one of our gauchos was incredibly generous and we all piled into his families lovely little logwood cottage

that was home to his wife and their child and well as his parents. We warmed around the stove and were treated to a hearty stew and eased all back pain with some trusty nurofen and wine and slept soundly on the kitchen floor. Woke in the gauchos house and with the help of another trusty pill in the I rose from my sleeping bag and was met with the pitter patter of more rain BUT there was also some sunshine and BLUE SKI’S!!! I went for an explorative walk around the area while the gauchos rounded up the horses, until we saddled up and were again on our way! Going alongside the lake and through more forrests of ancient trees

Until after a short 2 1/2 ride we arrived at the beautiful Arroyo Verde Estancia

We all jumped straight into the blissful warm showers and then spent the afternoon relaxing and recalling the adventure


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