Transit to Patagonia!

After a short walk early in the morning

We headed in the car towards the Mendoza airport. There was a bit of confusion (Apparently airports aren’t considered important enough to have stored in our tom tom gsp device) but we arrived thanks to my fathers navigational prowess with plenty of time to spare. After an hours flight we landed in Buenos Aires (half of argentina’s 36 mill population live in the greater Buenos Aires area) where according to our tickets we only had 15 minutes to find our gate and board our next plane! So we ran through the airport (I couldn’t help but think of my dramas flying to palma ) and when we reached our gate huffing and puffing we found out our plane had been delayed an hour! So we wandered, chilled, I got some presents for my best friend who is turning 18 very soon!!!!!! Until finally we were called and boarded the plane bound for Bariloche. The lunch served (a roll with plastic cheese and spam) was a little less fancy than those we had been treated to during our time in Mendoza and ontop of my queezy motion sick stomach theres no way I could have kept it down so i politely passed! We hoped off the plane in the elegant airport

after an 1 cruising through the skies and a very bumpy landing and I couldn’t believe how much colder it was! We had left Mendoza in about 30c and when we arrived it couldn’t have been more than 15. Unfortunately I hadn’t factored this is and stood shivering in my short shorts and long sleeve shirt waiting for my luggage, envious of all those looking warm and cosy in their jeans and thick coats! We were met by our german driver Dirk who had an amazing wealth of knowledge of the area and was more than happy to share this with us during our 2 hour drive to the lodge. After 45 minutes we stopped at a truck stop as it was 4pm and I still hadn’t had any lunch! Our lunch also didn’t compare to those in Mendoza but it was better than nothing!

We turned of the main road onto the dirt road that would take us another 60km to our destination and through the most spectacular scenery I have come across so far.

I had a few little chuck stops thanks to the windy roads and the greasy lunch, but emerged unscathed!

Finally we arrived at the Tres Lagos lodge ideally set beside an amazing lake in a sweeping valley

And to stretch out after a day of travels i went for a lovely walk through the valley

Very happy indeed.


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  1. Margaret Biggs

    a gorgeous happy photo of you Hollie. Love Margoo xxx

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